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Vulture Games

  1. rip lil guy
    Play an 8-Bit-Style Parks and Recreation Flappy Li’l Sebastian Video-GameCatch the carrots and waffles. Stay away from the Sweetums. 
  2. ready player one
    Get Tyrion Drunk in Our Game of Thrones Video GameJust make sure to stumble out of the way of the falling swords.
  3. ready player one
    Play Vulture’s 8-Bit-Style Mad Men Video GameDon’t let Don sober up!
  4. vulture games
    See a Downton Abbey Version of ClueWith our homemade board.
  5. vulture games
    Play Vulture’s Movie Title Number GameFriday the 13th (squared) - 42nd Street = 127 Hours. And so forth.