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  1. vulture investigates
    Would Randall Actually Win His Election on This Is Us?We asked Philly’s political experts.
  2. really?
    Ice-T Says He’s Never Eaten a BagelThat’s messed up.
  3. vulture investigates
    Did Drake Just Get Ethered by a Diss Track From 16-Year-Old Jacob Sartorius?Millie Bobby Brown’s ex comes with the fire — maybe?
  4. horror
    How Scary Is Haunting of Hill House, Really?A terrified wimp investigates.
  5. vulture investigates
    Exactly How Many Times Does Bradley Cooper Say the F-word in A Star Is Born?A Vulture investigation.
  6. vulture investigates
    Are Muppets Sexual?A very serious investigation.
  7. vulture investigates
    Who Leaked the Video of Lara Jean and Peter in To All the Boys?Was it Lucas? Gen? High-school student King Bach?
  8. puth puth pass
    Vulture Investigates: What Do Charlie Puth’s Fans Call Themselves?This fandom is growing, so it’s time to decide on a name. Vulture has some suggestions.
  9. Why Is ‘Meghan’ Markle Using a Fake Name?We investigate the future royal’s ultimate deception: telling everyone her name is “Meghan.”
  10. What’s With All the Dead Horses?Three films this spring involve dead equines, in one way or another. Vulture investigates the trend.
  11. vulture investigates
    Vulture Investigates: Who Bit Beyoncé’s Face?This is a case for the FBI.
  12. vulture investigates
    Alec Baldwin Doesn’t Know How to EatOn Saturday Night Live this week, he put a Egg McMuffin up to his lips and then just put it back down.
  13. How Much Money Would These Famous TV Families Make Today?Who’s richer, the Huxtables or the Dunphys?
  14. movies
    Who Ruined Lady Bird’s Perfect Rotten Tomatoes Score? An InvestigationAn official (hella tight) Vulture investigation.
  15. set design
    Was That David Hyde Pierce’s Real House in the Wet Hot American Summer Sequel?Vulture investigates.
  16. way too close reads
    So, Which Songs on Harry Styles’s Album Are About Taylor Swift?Let’s speculate wildly.
  17. vulture investigates
    Is Frank Ocean Building a Staircase on His Livestream?Is he building a stairway to heaven?
  18. Let’s Decode Frank Ocean’s Calvin Klein AdWhat, exactly, has he been doing in those Calvins, hmmm?
  19. vulture investigates
    Donald Trump Was in The Little RascalsThe rumors are true.
  20. vulture investigates
    Is Ben Affleck’s Giant Back Tattoo of a Phoenix Real? An InvestigationWe don’t know what to believe.
  21. vulture investigates
    An In-Depth Cultural Analysis of Asian Male TV Characters Getting Some ActionSpoiler: It doesn’t happen very often.
  22. vulture investigates
    Leading Men Age, But Their Love Interests Don’tVulture has analyzed the data of ten middle-aged leading men and the ages of the women they’ve wooed onscreen.
  23. fact-check
    Ask a Cold War Expert: How Realistic Is The Americans?Vulture investigates.
  24. vulture investigates
    Ask a Magician: How Hard Is It to Make It in the Illusion Game These Days?It’s not just “headlining Vegas or slumming it doing nursing-home shows.”
  25. fact-check
    What’s With The Following’s Poe Obsession?Very. We’ll take that Simpsons “Treehouse of Horror” episode over this show any day.
  26. vulture investigates
    Checking Django Unchained’s Historical MarkersDid anyone wear sunglasses, let alone ex-slaves?
  27. vulture investigates
    Will We Ever Get Used to The Hobbit’s 48 FPS?Why does it all appear so odd, so abnormal? And is it actually?
  28. vulture investigates
    Ask an Economist: Which Bond Villain Plan Would Have Worked (and Which Not)?Goldfinger’s, probably. Others, not so much.
  29. vulture investigates
    Who Is The Master’s Master Masturbator?Were we the only ones wondering this?
  30. fact-check
    The Master: Can You Really Make Booze Out of Paint Thinner?Joaquin Phoenix does in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film. But is it actually possible?
  31. vulture investigates
    Do the Olympics Help NBC Shows Find Viewers? Vulture Digs Through NBC’s PastLooks like endless promotion during the Games does not lead to success.
  32. vulture investigates
    What Is the Great Mistake Lurking in ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’?Steve Perry finally addresses the fact that there actually is no such place as “South Detroit.”
  33. vulture investigates
    Who Is Each Song on the New Taylor Swift Album About?Joe Jonas is well-represented.
  34. vulture investigates
    Is the Crazy Final-Clubs Party in The Social Network Realistic?Also, what are final clubs?