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    Cellooo, It’s Time to Go Back to School of RockTwenty years later, one great rock show can still change the world.
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    There’s Still Only One Great Indiana Jones MovieMaybe Hollywood can’t quit Indiana Jones because the magic of his first adventure still hasn’t been recaptured. Not by a long shot.
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    Get in, Loser, We’re Watching Movies in Bryant ParkStarting June 12, we’re giving you a reason to look forward to Mondays.
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    Hollywood’s First Celebrated Film About Drag Is As Flawed As It Is FabulousHere is a statement about the emancipatory power of drag wrapped in a tale of allyship — embalmed as it is in the limitations of the ’90s.
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    Bend It Like Beckham Wants You to Be Your Bravest SelfWhat Bend It Like Beckham articulated so well is that the adolescent desire to prove oneself has no borders or boundaries.
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    Kill Bill Isn’t the Simple Revenge Story You RememberThe Bride’s quest for vengeance is morally gray. But that gray is overshadowed by the bright yellow of her jumpsuit and kick-ass katana fights.
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    Scott Speedman Answers All Our Questions About UnderworldOn why he left the franchise after two films, the pressures of fame at a young age, and wild times in Budapest.
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    Gentlemen Prefer Blondes’ Winking Burlesque of FemininityThere’s verve and wit to these women’s bouncing walks, their sideways exchanged looks, their lipsticked mouths curling into satisfied little grins.
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    How to Watch Basic Instinct With Your Significant OtherLet a whodunnit lead to a whoisdoingit. (You are.)
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    The Time Has Come to Appreciate John Carter As the Goofy Throwback Epic It IsThe colossal bomb that lost Disney $200 million now seems far from the creative disaster it was dismissed as back in 2012.
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    The Reality-Breaking Joy of Speed Racer’s Final RaceOn the glorious abstraction of Speed Racer’s CGI climax, a sequence that plays boldly with the very idea of filmed spectacle.
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    Twilight’s Final Vampire Battle Is Better Than Anything Marvel Has Ever DoneSlay, TCU (Twilight Cinematic Universe)!
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    Miami Vice’s Journey From Misfire to MasterpieceMichael Mann’s 2006 Miami Vice film wasn’t supposed to be anything like this.