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Vulture Roundtable

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    What Pop Culture Gets Right and Wrong About Witches, According to a Real CovenFrom Buffy to The Witch, an actual coven judges the best and worst depictions of witchcraft in movies and TV.
  2. A Nostalgia-Filled Chat About Battle of the Network StarsThe thrill of victory, the agony of defeat, the loud din of sexism: Battle of the Network Stars had it all. But will the reboot work?
  3. A Roundtable Discussion With the Transgender Talent Behind Transparent“[Being trans] is something that happens and we don’t really know why. And we don’t have to know why. It’s a part of the human experience.”
  4. Roundtable: Let’s Discuss the Looking MovieAre you satisfied with the ending?
  5. A Roundtable Discussion With the 12-and-Under Stars of ABC’s Comedy Slate“My mom just told me the lines, because I didn’t know how to read yet. I copied them and that’s what I did.”