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  1. op-eds
    Taylor Swift Wrote an Op-Ed in WSJ.FYI: She’d like a nice garden.
  2. Cecily Strong and Colin Jost Tell ‘The Wall Street Journal’ About Their […]“But I think now we all would like, I think, something Colin and I talked about, to sort of integrate Update back into the show. And we have a […]
  3. ‘The Wall Street Journal’s Profile of ‘SNL’s Cue Card Guy Is Eye-Opening“In the history of the show we’ve only had to shoot the cue-card guy twice.” -Lorne Michaels in a Wall Street Journal profile of Saturday […]
  4. news reel
    ‘Wall Street Journal’ Somehow Tracks Down Bill WattersonIs this the first anyone’s heard from Watterson since 1995?
  5. the weekend read
    Sick of Harry Potter? So Are These GuysClassic Harry Potter takedowns.