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  1. wanted
    Stewart Is Reportedly Wanted to Take Over for JolieRumors have ‘Twilight’ star playing young assassin in sequel.
  2. the industry
    Angelina Jolie Says No to Wanted 2She’ll do the sci-fi film ‘Gravity’ instead
  3. the industry
    Plotless Video Game Sparks Predictable Four-Studio Bidding WarPlus: Piper Perabo! Mase! Terrorism!
  4. the industry
    Keanu Reeves to Avenge Death of His Samurai Master, Presumably With His ActingPlus: That 9-year old who wrote the dating book finally gets a movie deal.
  5. the industry
    Hilary Duff Plays It ‘Cool’Plus, sequels on the way for ‘Wanted,’ ‘Camp Rock,’ and ‘School of Rock.’