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  1. trailer mix
    The Flash Is a Multiverse of DC LoreHoly cameo, Batman!
  2. max culpa
    Max Is Rolling Back Some Changes to Its Credit PagesThe streamer has apologized for using the catch-all term “creator” on its new app.
  3. max viable product
    Some People Aren’t Happy With MaxUsers are reporting crashes, slowdowns, and other issues as the new app launches.
  4. max and mingle?
    Imagine Trying to (HBO) Max and Chill With a Pickle Rick AVILawrence from Insecure: 🚩🚩🚩🚩
  5. hbo axe’d
    They Really Are Just Calling It MaxHBO Max is changing on May 23. Here’s what to expect.
  6. joke-her
    Joker: Folie à Deux Is Officially a Lady Gaga MovieGaga was spotted filming in NYC.
  7. hbo axe’d
    HBO Max’s Abandoned TV Shows Adopted by Tubi and RokuGoodbye to Max, hello to something called “WB TV Watchlist.”
  8. explaner
    Everything You Never Thought to Ask About In-flight EntertainmentWarner Bros. Discovery’s licensing chief on how movies and TV get on planes, editing decisions, and the curious case of Gordita Chronicles.
  9. alright
    True Blood and Silicon Valley Are Getting the Basic-Cable TreatmentAnd someone will have to edit the episodes to a TV-MA rating.
  10. hbo axe’d
    Looks Like Discovery+ Doesn’t Need HBO Max After AllThe combined service is still coming, but one streamer gets to stand apart.
  11. gods and monsters
    Chapter 1: Everything We Know About the Future of the DC UniverseCongrats to Viola Davis, who remains the most unscathed DC Universe actor.
  12. cancellations
    HBO Max Announces Final Seasons of Doom Patrol and TitansSpoiler Alert: It’s the seasons that are currently airing.
  13. hbo axe’d
    Minx Finds a New Home at StarzThe show was canceled by HBO Max while filming its second season.
  14. maximizing revenue
    HBO Max Is Asking for Another DollarThe price hike probably won’t be the streamer’s last this year.
  15. look to the westworld skies
    James Marsden Didn’t Want to Leave Westworld, Does Want to Boogie on Broadway“But who knows, maybe there’s some world where it can get completed somehow.”
  16. acme+
    16 Seasons of Looney Tunes Vamoose From HBO MaxHundreds of shorts boarded the Infinity Train.
  17. the end
    Black Adam Defeated by Final Enemy … Warner Bros. DiscoveryBlack Adam 2 will not be moving forward.
  18. hbo axe’d
    All Your Most Frantic HBO Max Questions, AnsweredAn existential explainer on why some shows are disappearing — and what to expect next.
  19. hbo axe’d
    Inside Warner Bros. Discovery’s Latest Cost-Cutting SpreeAnd why the great purge of ’22 may (finally) be over for HBO Max.
  20. cancelations
    TV Has Always Disappeared. This Feels Different.When titles disappear without warning, the whole streaming space starts to seem less stable.
  21. cancellations
    HBO Max Ghosts FBoy IslandAfter two seasons of the Nikki Glaser–hosted show.
  22. un-plussed
    Are They Really Just Gonna Call It ‘Max’?HBO Max and Discovery+’s new combined streaming service is getting closer to picking a name.
  23. justice for booster gold
    James Gunn Wants All the DC Movies, TV, and Games ‘Connected’He and Peter Safran have big plans for the DCU.
  24. does not compute
    HBO Shuts Down Westworld After 4 SeasonsZas strikes again …
  25. very funny
    The Roku Channel Has Rescued Chad Season TwoThe Nasim Pedrad–starring comedy had been canceled hours before its season-two premiere was set to air on TBS.
  26. again with this guy!
    More Layoffs Hit the Animation Group at Warner Bros.Cartoon Network Studios and WB Animation feel the squeeze.
  27. lawsuits
    Warner Bros. Sued for Allegedly Embellishing Subscriber NumbersReportedly overestimating by “as many as 10 million subscribers.”
  28. behind the scenes
    Leslie Grace Shares New Behind-the-Scenes Footage of Batgirl on TikTokIncluding Brendan Fraser’s Firefly.
  29. hbo axe’d
    Warner Bros. Discovery Isn’t Done With Layoffs YetWith every high (winning the most Emmys) comes low lows (losing a chunk of your ad-sales team).
  30. trailer mix
    HBO Max’s Pennyworth Gets an SEO-Friendly Subtitle for Season 3The spy who came in (to service) from the cold.
  31. same bat channel
    Harley Quinn Season 4 Survives the Warner Bros. Discovery PurgesHarlivy 4-ever.
  32. hbo axe’d
    The HBO Max Layoffs Are Under WayUpdate: The European team is the latest to get pink slips.
  33. throwing crumbs
    A Select Few Will Actually Get to See BatgirlAt private screenings on the WB lot. No fans!
  34. bat news
    Batgirl Directors Say Warner Bros. ‘Blocked’ the Unfinished FootageAnd would need a lot of work to be the next Snyder Cut.
  35. hbo axe’d
    HBO Max Cancels 6 Animated Projects, Including Batman: Caped CrusaderThey’ll reportedly be shopped elsewhere.
  36. barbie’s 11
    Ryan Gosling to Jump in Margot Robbie’s Ocean’s Eleven PrequelBarbie, but make it a heist.
  37. consolidation prizes
    CNN+ Is Back (Sort Of)The news network has its own button on Discovery+ now.
  38. media news media news
    Reliable Sources at CNN Say Reliable Sources Is DoneCNN is saying good-bye to both the show and its host, Brian Stelter.
  39. last night on late night
    John Oliver Kinda Feels Like HBO Is Being Burned Down ‘for the Insurance Money’“Hi there, new business daddy.”
  40. jinkies
    Scoob! Holiday Haunt Filmmakers Recorded the Score for Their Canceled MovieHey, if the musicians were already paid for …
  41. batgirl
    Everything We Know About the Future of Warner Bros. DiscoveryHBO Max and the DC Extended Universe are in for some serious revamping.
  42. fixer upper
    Chip and Joanna Gaines’s Magnolia Network Is Moving to a New HomeStarting on September 30, HBO Max will have your Fixer Upper fix.
  43. long-term goals
    DC Will ‘Reset’ With a Marvel-esque 10-Year Plan“And as part of that, we’re going to focus on quality,” said Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav.
  44. engagement time
    The HBO Max–Discovery+ Wedding Is Next SummerThere’s already a schedule.
  45. batgirl
    Warner Bros. to Batgirl: Bye, Girl!Leslie Grace said Batgirl was “My own damn hero” on IG.
  46. buffering
    HBO Max Is Doing Well — So Of Course Changes Are ComingElimination of the unscripted division, fewer straight-to-Max movies, and even a new name are among the rumors looming over the service.
  47. today in conglomerates
    TBS and TNT Scripted-Show Development Killed by Warner Bros. DiscoveryNot very funny.