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Warren Zevon

  1. superlatives
    The Best and Funniest of Warren Zevon, According to David Letterman“Somebody should have said, ‘Hey, dumbass, why don’t you ask him about some of these songs?’ That didn’t happen, but I’m not taking blame for that.”
  2. respect the classics
    ‘It’s a No From Me’: Two Rock Hall Voters Dissect This Year’s Ballot“The Rock Hall is essentially covering all music now. It’s not relegated to classic rock in the traditional sense.”
  3. respect the classics
    The Piano Man Campaigned for Warren Zevon’s Rock Hall Nomination“If anyone deserves to be, he does. He was a real original, and I don’t know if that’s appreciated enough.”
  4. respect the classics
    Cyndi Lauper and Willie Nelson Lead 2023 Rock Hall of Fame Nominees14 artists made the shortlist, connecting every genre of music.