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Water For Elephants

  1. *cello playing intensifies*
    Grant Gustin to Warble in Water for ElephantsHeading to Broadway this spring.
  2. crime
    How Sara Gruen Lost Her LifeThe Water for Elephants author’s fight to free an incarcerated man left her “absolutely broke,” “seriously ill,” and years behind on her next book.
  3. clickables
    Watch Insane Clown Posse’s Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J Dis Water for ElephantsBut they loved ‘The Notebook.’
  4. weekend box office
    Fast Five’s $83 Million Opening Breaks Records“The 2011 box office slump is now officially history.”
  5. the star market
    The Star Market: Has Reese Witherspoon Stopped Taking Chances?“‘Election’ was really tip of the iceberg of what she can do,” said one top agent. “I’ve yet to see her do anything that taxes her since then.”
  6. movie review
    Robert Pattinson Leaves No Room for the Elephant in Water for ElephantsThe world’s most famous vampire is curiously toothless.
  7. video
    Robert Pattinson’s Presence Linked to Dead Clown“The first time I went to a circus, somebody died.”
  8. clickables
    See a New, Robert Pattinson–Centric Water for Elephants PosterRobert Pattinson tries a new emotion!
  9. trailer mix
    Water for Elephants Trailer: Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson Fondle TrunksElephant trunks.
  10. the industry
    Sean Penn and Robert Pattinson to Join the Circus?Plus: Rob Marshall! Steven Spielberg! Danny Boyle!
  11. the industry
    Michael Douglas and Steven Soderbergh to Tickle Your IvoryPlus: ‘28 Months Later’?
  12. the industry
    Robert Zemeckis Delivers Four Jim Carreys in Your Christmas StockingA Carrey Carol: Jim Carrey will play Ebenezer Scrooge plus the three ghosts who haunt him through the dual miracles of performance capture technology and his own rubbery face in Robert Zemeckis’s A Christmas Carol for Disney. Anyone who goes to see this movie deserves what he gets.