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We Are Your Friends

  1. box office busts
    We Are Your Friends Was Maimed by Bad MarketingThe problem with it and other August movies is that audiences didn’t know what they were getting.
  2. box office
    We Are Your Friends Has Very Few FriendsThe EDM-laden movie flopped harder than The Adventures of Pluto Nash.
  3. movie review
    We Are Your Friends Works. I Can’t Believe It, Either.God help me, I liked The Zac Efron DJ Movie.
  4. trailer mix
    See Zac Efron in the We Are Your Friends TrailerIt’s like The Social Network, but for EDM bros.
  5. we are your friends
    Max From Catfish Shows Off His Directing Skills (and His Zac Efron)“Here’s Zac Efron.”
  6. movies
    ‘Blurred Lines’ Girl Joins Zac Efron’s DJ MovieDirected by the star of Catfish.