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  1. Showtime Cancels Lisa Kudrow’s ‘Web Therapy’Web Therapy is no more. THR reports that Showtime has officially canceled Lisa Kudrow’s web series-turned-show after four seasons. The most […]
  2. Showtime Announces Return Dates for ‘Episodes’ and ‘Web Therapy’New episodes of Showtime comedies Episodes and Web Therapy arrive in just a few days. The network announced today that the fourth season of the […]
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    Lisa Kudrow Returns With The Comeback, AgainNine years later, Valerie, Paulie G., Mickey and the rest are ready for more. This time, HBO is, too.  
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    Showtime Renewed Lisa Kudrow’s Web TherapyYay!
  5. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: ‘Web Therapy’ Season 2Although the third season of Web Therapy does not begin until July 23rd, the complete second season of the Showtime series came out this week […]
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    Last Night on Late Night: Hugh Jackman Vied for the Oscar VotePlus: How estrogen had fueled the Matt Damon cameo on House of Lies, per Don Cheadle, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
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    Last Night on Late Night: Bruce Willis Parodied the KStew–RPatz Drama Plus: Mike Birbiglia not only sleepwalks, he sleep-patronizes, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
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    Dean Norris: How Hank Can Go ‘Gangster’ on WaltPlus: David Letterman put Amy Adams in the middle of his apparently ongoing beef with Joaquin Phoenix, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
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    Watch the Season Premiere of Web Therapy, Right Now, for FreeFiona’s back, no apple.
  10. Trade Roundup: Tina Fey, Mandy Moore, Nick Offerman, Friends ReunionTina Fey may be producing Fancy Nancy, based on a series of children’s books about a girl named Nancy with a taste for all things […]
  11. Trade Roundup: Web Therapy, Sara RueWeb Therapy, Lisa Kudrow’s web series-turned-TV show, has been picked up for a second season on Showtime. In addition to Conan O’Brien, this […]
  12. Conan O’Brien Seeks Treatment on Lisa Kudrow’s Web Series Conan O’Brien will play himself in three episodes of Lisa Kudrow’s web series Web Therapy, premiering on Dec. 14. O’Brien is the first of […]
  13. Lisa Kudrow on Web Therapy, The Comeback and Dr. Laura Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy, premiering on Showtime tonight after starting online, marks the former Friends’s star first stab at her own show […]
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    Lisa Kudrow on Web Therapy’s Move to Showtime and The Comeback’s Cancellation“That was certainly a brick wall. That was really a disappointment.”
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    Last Night on Late Night: Rosario Dawson Wants to Install a Misting Vagina at Burning ManPlus: Lisa Kudrow confronts Jay Leno over an old monologue about her virginity, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
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    Watch Lisa Kudrow Video-Chat With Meryl StreepIt’s a peek at Kudrow’s new Internet series, ‘Web Therapy.’