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Wentworth Miller

  1. lgbtq
    Wentworth Miller Done With Prison Break, Playing Straight Characters in General“Their stories have been told (and told.)”
  2. tca 2016
    Fox Is Trying to Bring Back Both 24 and Prison BreakOnly one will have the original cast.
  3. rsvping
    No, Russia, Wentworth Miller Will Not Come to Your Film Festival“As a gay man, I must decline.”
  4. wentworth miller
    Wentworth Miller Will Go AnalogIt’s a movie about the Internet!
  5. mia wasikowska
    Mia Wasikowska May Star in StokerAnd the script was written by the guy from ‘Prison Break’!
  6. quote machine
    ‘Bangkok Dangerous’ Just Like Nicolas Cage’s MarriagePlus: Wentworth MIller on playing a jerk.