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Westworld Music

  1. Westworld’s Radiohead Song Choice, Explained“Wake from your sleep … Today we escape … We hope that you choke.”
  2. How Music Is Controlling the Hosts on WestworldAnd giving them little cues.
  3. Why Debussy’s ‘Reverie’ May Be a Clue on Westworld“It could be part of the loop, part of the programming, part of the host auto-connecting to their memories.”
  4. Why Did Westworld Choose That NIN Song?Wouldn’t the more obvious choice for debauchery in a theme-park setting be NIN’s “Closer”?
  5. Why You Should Listen Closely to That Cure Song on WestworldIt’s our first solid clue that the song selection might be meant for the hosts as well as the guests.
  6. Why Westworld Uses a Player PianoIt’s similar to the stoplight cycling from red to green on Twin Peaks.
  7. Why You’ll Be Hearing a Lot of Radiohead on Westworld“When Jonathan says, ‘Do a Radiohead song,’ I say, ‘Great!’”
  8. Why You’ll Hear Modern Songs Playing on WestworldFrom “Paint It Black” to “Black Hole Sun.”