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  1. movie review
    The Punk Force Is Strong in German Gross-Out Film WetlandsIt wants to make you more than squirm; it wants to make you retch.
  2. trailer mix
    Here’s the Trailer for the Most NSFW Movie You’ll Watch All YearThe new comedy Wetlands is beyond. Like, beyond-beyond.
  3. sundance 2014
    Wetlands Is Sundance’s Crassest, Most Outrageous Movie“Wetlands” refers to a woman’s “damp areas.” Just so you know.
  4. vulture reading room
    The Vulture Reading Room: The Blunt-Force Assault of Humor in WetlandsThe discussion between a roundtable of literary luminaries over ‘Wetlands’ is, sadly, coming to an end.
  5. vulture
    The Vulture Reading Room: In Defense of WetlandsIn his latest dispatch, Sam Anderson defends Charlotte Roche’s novel after making one small concession: “Roche is a black hole of literary talent.”
  6. announcements
    The Vulture Reading Room: Check In Anytime You Like, But You Can Never LeaveAdam Sternbergh and Kate Christensen weigh in on European bodily fluid adventure ‘Wetlands.’
  7. announcements
    Welcome to Wetlands and the Vulture Reading Room’New York’ book critic Sam Anderson has convened a roundtable of literary luminaries to discuss ‘Wetlands,’ a novel that brims over with sex talk and bodily fluids.