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Where The Crawdads Sing

  1. movie review
    Where the Crawdads Sing Eats Itself into NothingnessThe movie is largely faithful to the novel’s story, but it’s lacking in atmosphere.
  2. crime
    Where the Crawdads Sing Author Still Wanted for Questioning in Zambia MurderThe Reese Witherspoon–produced film adaptation premieres July 13.
  3. what’s her letterboxd?
    Taylor Swift Continues to Release Songs Exclusively Through Film SoundtracksShe was inspired to write the song after reading Where the Crawdads Sing.
  4. trailer mix
    There’s a New Taylor Swift Song (Yay!) in This Trailer (Boo!)Where the Crawdads Sing … along to her new song, “Carolina.”
  5. controversy
    Author’s Family Once Implicated in Murder Similar to One in Her BookIs the Where the Crawdads Sing murder based on true events?
  6. she’s done it again
    Reese Witherspoon Is Taking You to Where the Crawdads SingBased on author Delia Owens’s novel of the same name.