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Whitest Kids U Know

  1. underrated
    The Whitest Kids U’Know Made Abraham Lincoln the Perfect DickA Black Lady Sketch Show’s Robin Thede goes deep on her love for the sketch.
  2. remembrances
    Remembering Trevor Moore Through Some of His Funniest WorkDive into these clips featuring the late Whitest Kids U’ Know mastermind.
  3. Trevor Moore and That Awkward Conversation with Your Parents About Your […]Trevor Moore, founding member of The Whitest Kids U’ Know, returns to television at midnight on March 6th with a brand new one-hour Comedy […]
  4. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: Trevor Moore’s ‘Drunk Texts to Myself’Drunk Texts to Myself, the debut album from Whitest Kids U’Know’s Trevor Moore is out this week on Comedy Central Records. The album is full of […]