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  1. chat room
    Bob the Drag Queen’s ‘Wig’ Came Out of Retirement for That We’re Here DanceThe drag icon talks the Selma episode’s outrageously fun wig dance performance, and how the episode’s message relates to the Dave Chappelle discourse.
  2. first look
    Nicole Kidman’s Lucille Ball Wig Breaks Its SilenceWhat is this color?
  3. how everything works
    How The Crown Made Gillian Anderson Look Like Margaret ThatcherThat wig was as hard, and as hard to make, as it looks.
  4. wigging out
    How Space Force Created Lisa Kudrow’s Gloriously Rooty Prison Wigs“She loved everything.”
  5. i feel that already
    Did You Know That These Are the Same Americans Wigs?Matthew Rhys would like you to know that wigs are very versatile.
  6. vulture lists
    All of Moira Rose’s Wigs on Schitt’s Creek, RankedCatherine O’Hara’s dramatic hairpieces have become some of the show’s best supporting characters.
  7. wiggin’ out
    Downton Abbey’s Wig Master Answers All of Our Pressing Questions“I must admit, the money guy went, How much?! What?!”
  8. emmy insider
    How a Great TV Wig Is MadeThe stylists behind Russian Doll, GLOW, and American Horror Story explain what goes into making the best kind of wig, which is one no one notices.
  9. nicole kidman
    Here’s Nicole Kidman As Gretchen Carlson With Not One But Two HandbagsOr is it Naomi Watts?
  10. wigs
    Why Kate Walsh’s Wig Looked So Bad in 13 Reasons Why Season Two“If you’re not proficient in wigs, you think that you can cut one like you do hair, but you can’t.”
  11. wigs
    Everything to Know About Julianna Margulies’s Dietland WigThe story behind Kitty Montgomery’s flame-red look.
  12. wigs!
    An iPad Is Blessed by Meryl Streep’s Touch in Her First Big Little Lies PhotoWhat a nice wig.
  13. wigs
    How Atlanta Robbin’ Season Got Tracy’s Waves So Impossibly LaidSpoiler: It’s not real hair.
  14. bangin
    Give Jennifer Lawrence’s Bangs an Oscar for Their Red Sparrow PerformanceThese ever-shifting bangs fully commit to silent, important acting and world-building.
  15. costumes
    Damien Chazelle, Give Claire Foy a Bigger Wig Budget!Claire Foy plays Neil Armstrong’s wife in Chazelle’s First Man.
  16. marvel cinematic universe
    An Interview With Thor’s Wig: He’s Not in Thor: Ragnarok, But He’s Fine With ItLeaving Thor freed him up to pursue his other hobbies: music videos, stand-up, pottery.
  17. wigs
    The Biggest Star of Colossal Is Anne Hathaway’s WigIn a literal sense.
  18. The Walking Dead’s Josh McDermitt on Negan and Eugene’s ‘Mullet of Life’“I ring my mullet sweat into a Dixie cup and someone pounds it like a shot of whiskey!”
  19. first looks
    Stranger Things Season Two Introduces New Character, Eleven’s WigFrom shaved head to … this!
  20. facial hair
    The Story of Late-Career John Travolta, As Told by His Late-Career BeardsLife on the Line shows Travolta once again making strange facial-hair choices.
  21. slideshow
    The Orange Is the New Black Flashback Hall of FameDoes the character not have bangs? Give them bangs! Or vice versa.
  22. wig theory
    All the Wigs of ‘Ain’t Your Mama,’ J. Lo’s Glorious Feminist-History LessonProfessor Lopez is here to teach Wigs, 1940s to the present.
  23. wigs
    The People v. O.J.’s ‘World’s Tiniest Wig’So many eyebrow wigs.
  24. biopics
    Here’s Your First Look at Natalie Portman As Jackie KennedyFor the biopic Jackie.
  25. vulture remix
    The Big Short’s Wigs Get Their Own TrailerOur latest Vulture Remix.
  26. bad wigs
    Ranking the Ridiculous Hair of The Big ShortOne might say these wigs are subprime.
  27. hairspiration
    The 12 Most Memorable Wigs on Key & PeeleThe crazier the hair, the closer to God.
  28. new york comic con 2014
    6 Things We Learned From The Americans’ Comic Con PanelThey’re good at keeping secrets.
  29. spies like us
    Here Are All of the Wigs Worn on The Americans So FarThere are so many.
  30. vulture compendiums
    Every Single Hairdo Mellie Has Worn on ScandalWigs galore!
  31. hair
    See a PSA Warning Against Lace FrontsTo all the Real Housewives: We see your lace fronts. Cool it. Bye!
  32. music
    Watch Shaq Wear a Wig and Lip-Synch to Rick JamesShaq’s got that musical bug!
  33. movies
    See a Close-Up of John Travolta’s Hair PieceStay classy, Vulture.
  34. deals
    NBCU Worth More Than Anyone ThoughtIt’s because of E!