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  1. Meet Steve, the Human WikipediaMr. Wikipedia 2012.
  2. The ‘Stand-Up Comedy’ Wikipedia Page Has a Female Comedian ProblemHave you ever check out the “stand-up comedy” Wikipedia entry? If not, please do so. If so, you can probably agree it’s pretty fucked. Of the […]
  3. last night on late night
    Alec Baldwin Dropped His Pants, Talked PaparazziPlus: Kate Upton taught Jimmy Fallon how to “cat daddy,” and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  4. clickables
    Watch a Nifty Animated Short About Wikipedia’s HistoryAre you a Pastafarian?
  5. For a Brief Moment, Jon Stewart was BatmanThis probably happens every time Jimmy Wales does an interview on TV, right? Someone makes a joke about changing their Wikipedia page, Jimmy […]
  6. j.d. salinger
    Salinger Mourned by Jerks“Catcher in the Die.”
  7. killjoys
    30 Rock Prompts Predictable Wikipedia LockdownAll references to Janis Joplin’s fear of toilets have been deleted.
  8. apropos of nothing
    New Mariah Carey Album Spawns Least Necessary Wikipedia Redirect of All TimeYesterday, Mariah Carey announced that her forthcoming album will be titled E=MC2, thus ensuring at least one high-school physics student a terrible grade on his homework.
  9. the early-evening news
    Michael Jackson Finds a Way to Make the Grammys Even More UnbearablePlus: Aziz Ansari!