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  1. videology
    Watch Alessia Cara’s ‘Wild Things’ Music VideoFind the wild thing within you.
  2. last night on late night
    Ferguson Cursed NBC for Treatment of CommunityPlus: You need to watch Dominic Monaghan figure out it was J.J. Abrams who couldn’t keep a secret about a certain Tesla car accident, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  3. wild things
    Sopranos/Wild Things Mash-UpFuggedaboutit!
  4. outrage
    Karen O’s Wild Things Score Ruled Ineligible for Oscar by JerksLame!
  5. wild things
    Demme to Animate Eggers’s ZeitounAre you ready for another Dave Eggers–penned film for adults that looks deceptively like one for kids?
  6. wild things
    Maurice Sendak’s Latest Grandfatherly Advice: ‘Quit This Life As Soon As Possible’Also, says the charming Sendak: “I’m going to die pretty soon.”
  7. wild things
    Mourning the Ace Ventura Sequel Spike Jonze Never MadeHow would he have lit the rhino scene? What would Warner Bros. have thought of Charlie Kaufman’s rewritten screenplay?
  8. wild things
    Karen O’s Wild Things Single: Good!“All Is Love,” the first single from Karen O’s ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ soundtrack, has just been made available for streaming on MySpace.
  9. wild things
    Where Did Dave Eggers Get the Idea for His Furry Book Cover?It certainly looks familiar, doesn’t it?
  10. wild things
    Maurice Sendak Swears Wild Things Movie Will Be OkaySays Sendak: “What I’ve seen [Spike Jonze] do is, he’s turned it into his without giving up mine … He’s touched me very much.”
  11. wild things
    Where the Wild Things Are DVD to Feature No Shortage of Bonus MaterialKaren O says she’s seen it “13, 14 times, but like 12 different versions of it.”
  12. wild things
    Sad Maurice Sendak Gives His Blessing to Sad ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ MovieSendak says he hates ‘syrupy animation.’