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William Gibson

  1. dark futures
    William Gibson Has a Theory About Our Cultural Obsession With Dystopias“Fantasies of staving off the end of the world are fairly benign fantasies of increased agency.”
  2. The Secret History of William Gibson’s Never-Filmed ‘Aliens’ SequelGibson’s Alien III script had space communists, a zero-gravity alien swarm, and something called the ‘New Beast.’
  3. the vulture transcript
    William Gibson on Why He Loves Twitter, Thinks Facebook Is ‘Like a Mall,’ and Much More“Facebook or MySpace feel like malls to me. But Twitter actually feels like the street. You can bump into anybody on Twitter.”
  4. the industry
    Kate Winslet Is the New Nicole Kidman in ‘The Reader’Plus: Who will play B.A. Baracus?