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    In 2017, the World Was Finally Ready for Laura Dern’s Furious WomenThis year, Dern’s career finally came to a full boil, with roles in Twin Peaks, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Downsizing, and, of course, Big Little Lies.
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    Watch Woody Harrelson Be Your Worst Nightmare in This Exclusive Clip From WilsonThe Daniel Clowes adaptation opens Friday.
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    Cartoonist Daniel Clowes Talks Wilson and the Alt-Right“I’ve always had the theory that you can kind of tell how a comic artist grew up by looking through their comics and seeing the way they draw.”
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    In Wilson, Woody Harrelson Is a Utopian MisanthropeThe film is a brusque, foulmouthed character study.
  5. Laura Dern On Her Big Little Lies Ad-Lib and Her Wilson Fight Scene“I’m deeply interested in how to be your truest self and make it through authentically.”
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    Woody Harrelson Has Quit Pot and Is Learning How to Be Quiet On CameraThe Wilson star says the drug was making him emotionally unavailable.
  7. WATCH: This New Graphic-Novel Adaptation May Be Coming Out at the Perfect TimeSometimes, the truth hurts.
  8. Woody Harrelson Is Extremely Grumpy in the New Wilson Trailer “Life is lonely and miserable.”