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Winds Of Winter

  1. game of thrones
    George R.R. Martin Finds New Way to Procrastinate: Game of Thrones on BroadwaySounds like Medieval Times Dinner Theater with stronger IP.
  2. delayed sequels
    George R.R. Martin: Winds of Winter Is Coming“I think it will be out this year. (But hey, I thought the same thing last year).”
  3. spoilers
    George R. R. Martin Posts GoT ExcerptFrom Winds of Winter.
  4. deep reads
    What Khaleesi Could Learn From George R.R. Martin’s New Dragon-Heavy StoryThe Princess and the Queen is a prequel set during the Targaryen Civil War, a.k.a. the Dance of the Dragons.
  5. winds of winter
    Read a New Winds of Winter Preview Chapter From George R. R. MartinMartin does it again!
  6. george r.r. martin
    Hear George R.R. Martin Read an Excerpt From His New Book, The Winds of WinterLove this guy.
  7. Winter Is Here! George R.R. Martin Releases Winds ExcerptThe ravens are not what they seem.
  8. chat room
    George R.R. Martin on His Favorite Game of Thrones Actors, and the Butterfly Effect of TV Adaptations“Dragons are the nuclear deterrent, and only Dany has them.”