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  1. rebecca is a food critic now
    I Ate the Shawn Mendes Bowl the Way Shawn IntendedIn a suburban strip-mall parking lot in Ontario, Canada.
  2. close reads
    What Is Shawn Mendes Like As a Boyfriend? An Investigation Into WonderWell, he sounds like a generous lover.
  3. album review
    Shawn Mendes Still Leaves Too Much to Wonder AboutWonder is the most interesting-sounding music he has ever made, but the album has little to say about the man at the middle of it.
  4. my single is dropping
    Shawn Mendes Embarks On a New Era with Single ‘Wonder’It’s the title track for his new album, out December 4.
  5. wonderful news
    Shawn Mendes Announces New Album, and You Know Camila Cabello Is InvolvedIn case you wonder-ed what all that social-media commotion was.
  6. Wonder Overflows With Empathy and HumanismJulia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Tremblay tug insistently on our heartstrings.
  7. Which of 2017’s Many Wonder Movies Is Right for You?From Wonder Woman to Wonderstruck to Wonder Wheel, how can you tell apart this year’s five movies with “wonder” in the title?
  8. hamilton
    Daveed Diggs Books First Post–Hamilton RoleFirst a Tony win, then a major motion picture. Keep racking ‘em up, Daveed!
  9. casting couch
    Owen Wilson in Talks to Co-Star With Julia Roberts in WonderThe movie also stars Room’s Jacob Tremblay.