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    Let Some Joy Into Your Life With These Paul F. Tompkins JinglesThey’re simply the best.
  2. wonderful things
    Please Only Refer to Rod Stewart As Sir Roderick David Stewart From Now OnDa ya think my knighthood is sexy?
  3. This Year’s Cable Lineup Looks Flat-Out AmazingThe new year’s TV schedule looks amazing, at least if Megan Amram’s cable lineups are to be believed. I’m really excited about MTV’s True Life: […]
  4. The 1982 Tron Christmas Special Is So Awesome Scott Gairdner is quickly becoming the King of Internet Videos, if he hasn’t already become said King. The newish Funny or Die […]
  5. A New George Saunders Story in The New Yorker Is Cause for CelebrationLooking for something to read? George Saunders, hilarious/wonderful short story writer and personal hero of mine, has a new piece in this […]
  6. Hear the Full Version of Werewolf Bar Mitzvah, Finally30 Rock has a two-disc soundtrack coming out, and it includes the score from the show as well as the ludicrous original songs that have shown […]
  7. Mike Birbiglia’s Sleepwalk With Me: Portrait of the Comic as a Young ManThere’s something a little distasteful about humor for humor’s sake, something crude in trying to provoke laughter in strangers: I say this […]
  8. Here’s Abed’s Community Storyline, Told Entirely In the BackgroundIn last week’s Community, Abed’s entire storyline took place in the background. If you weren’t paying attention, the chances are very good that […]
  9. Between Two Ferns, Starring Seth Galifianakis and Sean Penn God, Between Two Ferns is without a doubt my favorite web series. It’s just pitch-perfect and, despite you kind of knowing what you’re going […]