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World Of Warcraft

  1. lawsuits
    Universal Pictures Sued for Warcraft TextsPeople really don’t like being spammed.
  2. good looks
    Here Is Actress and Orc Shaman Jamie Lee Curtis at the Warcraft PremiereNote: Jamie Lee Curtis is not in the Warcraft movie.
  3. chat room
    Sam Raimi on Oz and Two Huge Films He Never MadeRaimi discusses his take on the World of Warcraft movie and the Spider-Man sequel that never was.
  4. clickables
    Watch Mila Kunis Discuss Her World of Warcraft AddictionYou can tell that she misses her “little twinks running around.”
  5. the industry
    Sam Raimi Enters the World of WarcraftPlus: Alicia Silverstone returns!
  6. vulture lists
    10 Video Games That Should Be MoviesHow will Hollywood win us back after the writers strike? They’ll have to make movies based on video games. And not just the crappy kind they’ve been pumping out for the past decade — good ones!