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Wrecking Ball

  1. duets
    We Will Always Love Hearing Dolly Parton on ‘Wrecking Ball’She performed a medley with Miley Cyrus on New Year’s Eve.
  2. twitter
    Miley Just Wants to Be Miley Again After the Breakup, Dammit“You can say I am a twerking, pot smoking, foul mouthed hillbilly but I am not a liar.”
  3. miley cyrus
    Miley Cyrus’s ‘Worst Nightmare’ Is ‘Wrecking Ball’ Playing at Her FuneralNo mention of whether or not she regrets licking the sledge hammer.
  4. party chats
    How Anne Hathaway Picked ‘Wrecking Ball’ for LSB“I’m a big Miley fan. I think she is tremendous.”
  5. wrecking ball
    Anne Hathaway Goes Full Miley for ‘Wrecking Ball’ Lip SyncOh, man. 
  6. overnights
    Glee Recap: Twerking, Moles, and ‘Blurred Lines’Transgender issues? Relevant. The rape-iness of “Blurred Lines”? Not so much.
  7. ‘SNL’ Review: No Escape from Miley CyrusAfter Justin Bieber hosted SNL last season, I concluded that SNL will never quite be the alternative comedy show we’d like it to be. There’s no […]
  8. right-click
    Watch HAIM Cover Miley’s ‘Wrecking Ball’However, the three sisters are fully clothed.
  9. the charts
    Miley Cyrus Gets Her First No. 1Because of nudity.
  10. singles
    Hear the New Miley Cyrus Single ‘Wrecking Ball’It’s the first release off Bangerz.
  11. cocoon
    Bruce Springsteen, Life Giver to the Middle-AgedWhen he slows down, what hope is there for his aging fans?
  12. the charts
    Springsteen Kicks Adele Out of the No. 1 SpotBut it was super close.
  13. concert review
    Bruce Springsteen Was the Past and the Present at the Apollo Friday NightHe’s still the hardest working white man in show business at 62.
  14. radio vulture
    Bruce Springsteen’s Stump SpeechWith a little editing, the lyrics of Wrecking Ball add up to a stem-winder fit for a political convention.
  15. the boss
    Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Angry’ New Album Is Called Wrecking BallThe first single is out, too. It’s good.
  16. farewells
    Bruce Springsteen Debuts New Giants Stadium Tribute Song, ‘Wrecking Ball’“My home is here at the Meadowlands / Where mosquitos grow as big as airplanes / Here where the blood is spilled, the arena is filled / And Giants play the game.”
  17. the industry
    Peter Berg Packs His Bags for ArrakisPlus: Who’s replacing Orlando Bloom?