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  1. movie review
    The Savage and Catty Lost Illusions Only Looks Like a Stuffy Period PieceA remorselessly entertaining Balzac adaptation for our time.
  2. movies
    Jessica Chastain’s Role Cut From New Film The Death and Life of John F. DonovanDolan previously described Chastain’s character as a villainous gossip columnist.
  3. chat room
    Xavier Dolan on His New Film, Critics, and MoreThe young director also talks about his new film and the surprising story behind his gigantic Adele video.
  4. cannes 2016
    The Film That Made Everyone Cry Wins At CannesUnderstanding a jury that gave second place to the Xavier Dolan film every critic loathed. Sacré bleu!
  5. cannes
    Here Are the Cannes 2016 Award WinnersThe jury and the critics did not see eye-to-eye.
  6. the industry
    Adele May Make Her Film Debut for Xavier DolanShe’s in talks to have a cameo.
  7. movie review
    Xavier Dolan Goes Psychosexual in Tom at the FarmNobody shoots Xavier Dolan like Xavier Dolan.
  8. exclusive
    This Clip From Xavier Dolan’s New Movie Is So Wrong, But So HotSort of NSFW?
  9. video
    Here’s a Celine Dion Moment From Xavier Dolan’s MommyTake a look at an exclusive scene from the new movie, which won a big prize at Cannes.
  10. chat room
    Xavier Dolan on Mommy, Art, and His Harry Potter TattooFeaturing dictionary apps, flirting, and unbuckled pants.
  11. chat room
    Enfant Terrible Xavier Dolan Is a Director Who Really Wants to Act“This is a contemptuous and stupid way of watching film.”