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  1. xoxo
    The Team Behind Gossip Girl Is Adapting the Sweet Valley High BooksStephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz will turn the bestselling YA series into a CW show.
  2. trailer mix
    A New Gossip Girl Revival Trailer Is Out. Shhh, Don’t Tell Anyone.Part two premieres November 25. XOXO.
  3. xoxo
    HBO Max Enrolls Gossip Girl for a Sophomore SeasonGo binge, girl.
  4. xoxo
    Behind the Scenes on the Glitzy New Gossip GirlThe “continuation” is more diverse, more self-aware, and far more lavishly produced.
  5. xoxo
    Who’s Blair? Who’s Nate? Is Anybody Dan?The new cast of Gossip Girl isn’t a warmed-over version of the last one. But the two share a lot of character traits.
  6. xoxo
    This Gossip Girl Reboot Trailer Is a Secret We Can TellAnd the release date, too.
  7. xoxo
    Spotted: Gossip Girl Reboot Cast Filming on the Steps of the MetIt’s happening!
  8. spotted
    HBOXO! HBO Max Will Revive Gossip Girl for a New GenerationOMG!
  9. xoxo
    Ed Westwick Still Doesn’t Know Who Gossip Girl WasThe former Chuck Bass makes an excellent contribution to a Gossip Girl oral history.
  10. trailer mix
    XOXO Trailer: Sarah Hyland Gets Into EDM in New Netflix Original Movie“This is real music!”
  11. the quote quiz
    Can You Guess Famous Gossip Girl Lines From Just a Freeze-Frame?XOXO, Vulture.com
  12. movies
    Black Swan Writer Tackling the Horrific World of Facebook’XOXO’ isn’t about ‘Gossip Girl,’ it’s about social networking.