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Yassir Lester

  1. comedians you should know
    Yassir Lester Never Needed Your Validation“I think that performers are finally waking up to the idea that they are in control of how they reach their audience.”
  2. underrated
    It’s Always the Perfect Time to Watch Living SingleComedian and writer Yassir Lester explains why the ’90s Fox sitcom holds up so well.
  3. vulture lists
    Mapping the VIPs of Mindy Kaling’s Ever-Expanding TV UniverseBetween Mindy Project, Champions, and now Four Weddings and a Funeral, the Kaling troupe is coming together quite nicely.
  4. The Next Wave 2015: The Top Up-and-Coming Comics in New YorkWelcome to the second semi-annual edition of The Next Wave, Splitsider’s roundup of exciting new comic voices from around the country. […]