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Year In Culture 2012

  1. year in culture 2012
    The Best Smartphone Games of 2012Get ready to ignore your friends and loved ones!
  2. year in culture 2012
    2012’s Best Moments in Late-Night TelevisionFallon singing barbershop, Kimmel pranking children, Handler showering with Sandra Bullock, and much more.
  3. year in culture 2012
    Matt Zoller Seitz’s Favorite Drama Episodes of 2012Now it’s time to get serious.
  4. year in culture 2012
    The Year in Culture As Knock-Knock JokesKnock knock. Who’s there? Pop culture!
  5. year in culture 2012
    Can You Guess Which Character’s Facial Hair This Is?Go face to facial hair and see which ones you recognize.
  6. year in culture 2012
    The Ten Best Saturday Night Live Sketches of 2012Cecilia Gimenez, a presidential debate, and a late entry by Swarovski Crystals make the cut.
  7. year in culture 2012
    Things You Might’ve Missed in 2012 — and Shouldn’t HaveIf you want to be a true good-pop-culture completist, you need to be checking out Suburgatory, The Sessions, Demi Lovato, and more.
  8. year in culture 2012
    Matt Zoller Seitz’s Favorite Comedy Episodes of 2012See which installments of Louie, 30 Rock, Archer, and more made the list.
  9. year in culture
    Vulture Poll: Vote for Your Song of the YearCarly? Japandroids? Frank Ocean? The choice is yours.
  10. lists
    Bests, Worsts, and Other Superlatives From the Year in EntertainmentWorst Posture, Best Use of TV Nudity, and more!
  11. gone too soon
    In Memoriam: TV Shows and Characters We Lost in 2012Grab the tissues!
  12. 2012: The Year Little Girls on TV Stopped Being AnnoyingLouie’s kids, The New Normal’s Shania, Bob’s Burgers’ Louise: an uprising of Lisa Simpsons.
  13. year in culture 2012
    The Year in Culture: 2012 in Viral VideosWatch these, maybe?
  14. haters to the left
    The Year in Hate-WatchingAh, The Newsroom.
  15. year in culture 2012
    The Top Ten Stand-up Specials of 2012Tig Notaro, John Mulaney, Patrice O’Neal, and more.
  16. year in culture 2012
    Carl, Dana, and 2012’s Other Memorable TV KidsThey’re all troublemakers.
  17. year in culture 2012
    Celebrity BFF of the Year: Jennifer LawrenceIf only she would return our calls.
  18. year in culture 2012
    Listen to Nitsuh Abebe’s Favorite Songs of 2012Listen to our music critic’s Spotify playlist.
  19. year in culture 2012
    How Satisfying Were This Year’s Musical Comebacks?On a simple scale.
  20. year in culture 2012
    Sexism, Pixieism, Bookism: The Year in Lena DunhamThe backlash and the backlash to the backlash.
  21. year in culture 2012
    Vulture Asks: What Was Your Song of the Year? Your turn!
  22. Watch a Massive Supercut of the Year in FilmHow many can you name?
  23. year in culture 2012
    Vulture’s TV, Movie, and Theater Critics Choose Their Best Performances of 2012One of them is a terrorist.
  24. David Edelstein’s Runners-up for the Best Films of 2012This year was the most difficult I’ve ever had to pick ten favorite films, let alone to rank them one to ten.
  25. year in culture 2012
    David Edelstein’s Top Ten Movies of 2012An unexpectedly modern Lincoln, the mercilessly gripping Zero Dark Thirty, the happy submission of Pitch Perfect, and more.
  26. year in culture 2012
    Critics’ Roundtable: What Was the Cultural Event of 2012?And four other equally pertinent questions.
  27. year in culture 2012
    Nitsuh Abebe’s Top Ten Albums of 2012Kendrick Lamar, Chairlift, Cloud Nothings, and more.
  28. year in culture 2012
    The Culturati CaucusWe polled 87 culture-makers (and appreciators) on everything from the year’s best movies and music to the superiority of certain superheroes.
  29. year in culture 2012
    Scott Brown’s Top 10 Theater Picks of 2012Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?, Death of a Salesman, and more.
  30. year in culture 2012
    Kathryn Schulz’s Top 10 Books of 2012Including Alice Munro’s newest short stories and Christopher Hitchens’s last meditations.
  31. year in culture 2012
    Justin Davidson’s Top 10 Classical Music Performances of 2012Thomas Adès’s The Tempest, “John Cage at 100,” and more.
  32. year in culture 2012
    Jerry Saltz’s Top 10 Art Picks of 2012Clint Eastwood pioneered a new genre of performance art, the Met examined the dawn of Egyptian art, and more.