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Years And Years

  1. deaths
    Years and Years Originally Had a Different Plan for That Big DeathRussell Tovey explains how the end of episode four came to be and what could have been instead.
  2. chat room
    Russell Tovey Knows Years and Years’ Dark Future Makes You Very AnxiousBut he’s very proud of the love story.
  3. tv review
    Years and Years Is a Gripping Account of a Society’s Existential CrisisWhen this bitter pill of an ostensibly speculative miniseries is firing on all cylinders, it plays like a fusion of This Is Us and Children of Men.
  4. chat room
    Years & Years’ Olly Alexander on His New Movie and Internet Fame“I have wondered whether it’s easier for the world to accept a non-straight musician than it is for them to accept a non-straight actor.”