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  1. yelling
    There Is No Such Thing As a Faithful AdaptationWhat if adaptations had to have original ideas? What if that was a good thing?
  2. yelling
    It’s Time for a Departure From ‘Bottle Episode’Another format-breaking episode, another widespread misapplication of a specific TV term. This must end.
  3. It is Now My Turn to Yell About the Bad Thing That Happened, by Brad Austin First of all, yikes. The bad thing that happened was very, very bad. That’s a no-brainer. Was there a silver lining to it even? I don’t see […]
  4. yelling
    Video: Watch a Superscolding Supercut of Dance Moms’ Abby Lee MillerWay harsh.
  5. yelling
    A Vulture Tribute to Charlie Day’s Best It’s Always Sunny ScreamingVulture salutes Charlie’s achievements in senseless screaming.
  6. clickables
    Here’s a Montage of Bob Odenkirk Yelling on Mr. ShowAs advertised.