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Yellow Submarine

  1. children’s books
    Paul McCartney Is Trying to Make ‘Green Submarine’ HappenIt’s a children’s book, but still.
  2. looking back
    Revisiting the Beatles’ Cartoon LSD Utopia Yellow SubmarineA children’s film about pacifism winning out over imperialist annihilation might seem odd, but after the Summer of Love, it made perfect sense.
  3. change of plans
    Robert Zemeckis’s Yellow Submarine Remake Is No More“It’s probably better not to be remade.”
  4. money
    Scrooges at Disney Close Robert Zemeckis’s Digital StudioIt’s mostly because of ‘A Christmas Carol.’
  5. the industry
    Robert Zemeckis Lives in a Yellow SubmarinePlus: a Hendrix biopic that probably won’t actually happen.