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  1. star wars
    Maybe The Mandalorian Should Just Be About Baby Yoda?All together now: Awwwww!
  2. Here’s a Sneak Peek at Queer Eye Season TwoThis is not the sneak peek you’re looking for.
  3. nerd porn
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Joins Weird Al in ConcertNerd-porn alert.
  4. star wars
    Mark Hamill Wishes Daisy Ridley Happy Birthday by Sharing Their Luke-Yoda PicThe internet also stepped in.
  5. star wars
    JGL Is Your New Favorite DIY YodaPlus: Grinch pajamas.
  6. star wars
    If There’s Going to Be a Yoda Movie, Shouldn’t There Also Be a Boba Fett Movie?We have suggestions.
  7. Proof: If Yoda Were an Actual Person, He’d Be a Sad GrandpaGross, George Lucas. Gross.
  8. helvetica
    See Famous Movie Characters Depicted in HelveticaCollect ‘em all!
  9. star wars
    Watch ‘Intergalactic Idol,’ a Star Wars–Meets–American Idol Parody“Who’s the best singer in the federation?” Good question.
  10. star wars
    Find Out How Yoda Would Sound If He Spoke Words in the Correct OrderNerds, rejoice!