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  1. Can You Revise a Book to Make It More Woke?When a YA novel was criticized for racism prior to publication, the author attempted something radical — she pushed its release date and rewrote it.
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    Maze Runner Author James Dashner Apologizes Amid Sexual-Misconduct Claim“I can sincerely say that I have never intentionally hurt another person. But to those affected I am so deeply sorry.”
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    John Green’s Latest YA Novel Turtles All the Way Down Is Getting a MovieFox, which adapted two other Green novels for the big screen, bought the movie rights.
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    A YA Book Got Pulled From the Best-Seller List for Allegedly Gaming the SystemHandbook for Mortals made a surprise appearance at No. 1 on the Young Adult Hardcover list, despite little evidence of sales.
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    The Toxic Drama on YA TwitterYoung-adult books are being targeted in intense social-media callouts, draggings, and pile-ons — sometimes before anybody’s even read them.
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    Amandla Stenberg Cast in Everything EverythingAchoo.
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    John Green Spills About Looking for Alaska Movie“I sold the rights in 2005. Paramount refuses to sell them back to me for any price.”
  8. The Raven Cycle Author Maggie Stiefvater on Why YA Is a ‘Bullshit Label’“YA is whenever you say, ‘This is a YA book.’”
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    Leo DiCaprio to Produce YA Post-Apocalypse MovieBased on the book by Kayla Olson.
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    Fault in Our Stars Author John Green on Writing: ‘It Ain’t Coal Mining’The Paper Towns and Fault in Our Stars author joined Vulture’s Margaret Lyons to discuss writing, never making plans, and how America is like a teenager.
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    After The Fault in Our Stars, Where Do John Green’s Other Books Stand?Hollywood is clamoring for more.
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    Divergent Author Veronica Roth Builds Her EmpireThe Hunger Games was just becoming a thing when I was finishing writing it.”
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    Flowchart: Which YA Novel Is Right for You?Werewolves, bullying, or global warming? Let’s find out!
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    How to Create a YA Phenomenon, in Nine Easy StepsInterested in writing the next teen franchise? Here’s a step-by-step guide.
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    The Thirtysomething Teen: An Adult YA Addict Comes CleanWhy do I, and other adults, read books for teens?
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    Which YA Series Is Your Next Hunger Games–Level Obsession?They’re all being made into movies or TV shows, so you’re gonna want to get started now.