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  1. Deadpool 2 Has Record-Breaking Thursday, Meaning Not Enough of You Saw Book ClubDoes it have hot Andy Garcia, though?
  2. your box office explained
    A Quiet Place Had the Best Opening Ever for an Original Horror MovieWith a $50 million debut weekend, it’s also the third-highest opening for any horror film overall.
  3. your box office explained
    Girls Trip Is the Most Successful R-Rated Summer Comedy Since 2015Girls Trip’s strong box-office showing over-performed, since the movie only cost about $20 million to make.
  4. Dunkirk Is Getting Great Reviews. But Can It Be a Hit?What are the prospects for a $150 million war film based on a battle few Americans have heard of?
  5. Wonder Woman Is Looking Like a Hit. Here’s What That Would Mean for Hollywood.Wonder Woman has a chance at the highest-ever opening for a live-action female-directed film.
  6. Don’t Blame Critics When Your Blockbusters Are BadBoth Pirates and Baywatch had bigger problems than their Rotten Tomatoes scores.
  7. King Arthur Was the Summer’s First Flop. What Happened?There’s a certain kind of intellectual property that seems to lend itself to flops.
  8. your box office explained
    Donald Trump Is President and Boss Baby’ Is the No. 1 Movie in AmericaThe animated film took in $49 million in its opening weekend.
  9. your box office explained
    Even Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal Can’t Make an Original Film a Hit NowBad news for fans of original films.
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    Beauty and the Beast Broke Box-Office Records and It’s All Because of WomenFully 72 percent of the film’s opening-day audience were women.
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    2017 Is Horror’s Best Year at the Box Office in a Long TimeIn Get Out and Split, the genre has already seen two $100 million grossers.
  12. your box office explained
    The Lego Batman Movie Edged 50 Shades Darker at the Box OfficeOnly one of this weekend’s sequels managed to improve on its predecessor.
  13. your box office explained
    Split Is the Highest-Grossing Horror Movie Since 2013M. Night Shyamalan’s thriller topped the box-office chart for the third week in a row.
  14. your box office explained
    The Twist Is That Audiences Still Really Like SplitPlus, a tired nation asks itself: What is a dog’s purpose?
  15. your box office explained
    Split Was the Weekend’s Box-Office HitSplit won the weekend, but Hidden Figures and La La Land held steady.
  16. your box office explained
    Hidden Figures Trounced Live by NightPlus: La La Land continues its rise, and Monster Trucks … could’ve done worse?
  17. your box office explained
    Was Rogue One’s Box Office Solid or Sensational?$155 million is a lot of money. But is it Star Wars money?
  18. your box office explained
    Everyone Was Excited for La La Land at the Box Office This WeekendIt’s topped Moonlight and Manchester by the Sea in at least one respect.
  19. your box office explained
    Manchester by the Sea Is Looking Like a HitPlus good news for Paramount, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and Natalie Portman’s Jackie Kennedy accent.
  20. your box office explained
    Moana Rules the Thanksgiving Box OfficeThe Disney musical earned more than $80 million over the holiday weekend.
  21. your box office explained
    Fantastic Beasts’ Opening Isn’t Quite Fantastic$75 million is a lot of money, but it isn’t Harry Potter money.
  22. Franchise Haters Rejoice: Arrival’s a HitMeanwhile, Doctor Strange, Trolls, and Hacksaw Ridge all had surprisingly big second weekends.
  23. your box office explained
    Doctor Strange Leads a Superpowered Weekend Box OfficeIt was a good weekend at the box office.
  24. your box office explained
    Why Did Inferno Bomb?The Tom Hanks vehicle earned $15 million in its first weekend at the U.S. box office.
  25. your box office explained
    Tyler Perry Crosses Over As Boo! A Madea Halloween Wins the Box OfficeAt 27 million, Madea edged out Jack Reacher: Never Go Back.
  26. your box office explained
    The Accountant Is a Hit, and Ben Affleck Is Truly a Movie Star AgainThis is the first movie that’s been a hit solely on the strength of Ben Affleck, the actor, in … a long time.
  27. your box office explained
    The Birth of a Nation Couldn’t Overcome Nate Parker at the Box OfficeBut the people who did see it seemed to like it.
  28. your box office explained
    Divergent’s Big Opening Weekend Deserves PraiseIn many ways, it did better than The Hunger Games and Twilight when it came to transcending its YA origins.
  29. your box office explained
    The Eight Reasons Frozen Is UnstoppableThe movie has the staying power of Titanic, and it’s not just because it’s the only family movie around.
  30. your box office explained
    7 Box-Office Quirks of 2013Raunch sells, 3-D slumps, and James Badge Dale rules them all.
  31. vulture lists
    13 Peculiar Facts About the World’s Taste in Summer MoviesGermans love The Hangover III, the Japanese love The Lone Ranger, Serbians didn’t care for Iron Man 3, and much more.
  32. movies
    Box Office Explained: Instructions Not IncludedThe Spanish-language film held steady this week in third place.
  33. your box office explained
    Summer Box Office: The Indie Films That Hit, Missed, and Should Have Done BetterBlue Jasmine and Fruitvale Station are going like gangbusters, but why didn’t you see Crystal Fairy?
  34. your box office explained
    Summer Box Office: Comedies Came to ConquerThe Heat couldn’t be beat, but The Hangover Part III suffered from diminishing returns.
  35. your box office explained
    Why Hollywood Will Double Down on More Sequels and Franchises After This Summer Expect even fewer original films after would-be blockbusters like White House Down, After Earth, and Elysium underperformed.
  36. your box office explained
    Box Office Battles: The 8 Most Crowded Movie Weekends of 2013Which blockbusters are pitted against each other … and which should move?
  37. the industry
    Your Box Office Explained: Why Did Jack the Giant Slayer Bomb?At least it opened before this weekend’s Oz movie. That’s the only positive we can find here.
  38. your box office explained
    Why Identity Thief Won on a Slow Oscar WeekendWhile Snitch fizzled, Oscar nominees Argo and Silver Linings Playbook were still hanging in there.
  39. YBOE: Good Day to Die Hard Doesn’t Need the U.S.The latest John McClane explodo-installment is all about the international markets.
  40. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Identity Thief Is 2013’s First Comedy HitDoes this mean Melissa McCarthy is a “movie star” or not?
  41. box office
    Box Office: Bullet to the Head Can’t Stop ZombieAlso, Best Picture nominees keep chugging along.
  42. your box office explained
    Box Office: Silver Linings Is Gold; ZDT StallsThe David O. Russell film appears to be finding its feet, while Bigelow’s thriller is trending downward.
  43. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Audiences Are Good to MamaWhat about that Jessica Chastain, huh?
  44. your box office explained
    Box Office Explained: Best Pic Noms Score BigExcept for Django.
  45. your box office explained
    Texas Chainsaw Carves Out Top Spot at Box OfficeAnd Django is likely to become the highest-grossing Tarantino film next weekend.
  46. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: 2012 Was a Good Year for HollywoodThe industry saw its biggest single increase in admissions in a decade.
  47. your box office explained
    Why Didn’t The Hobbit Make More Money?Not that $85 million isn’t a boatload.
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    Your Box Office Explained: Why Skyfall Won’t FallIt and Lincoln have lured in a very important — and long-tailed — older audience.
  49. your box office explained
    Box Office: Killing Them Dies an Unworthy DeathWith no new major studio releases, three Thanksgiving leftovers took the top spots.
  50. your box office explained
    Your Box Office Explained: Vampires, Bond, Lincoln — Everyone’s a Winner!It was a stellar box-office weekend.
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