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  1. vulture lists
    Every Emma Stone Movie, RankedHow does Cruella stack up against the rest?
  2. movie review
    Stop Trying to Make Zombieland: Double Tap HappenThis sequel to Jesse Eisenberg and Emma Stone’s 2009 Zombieland has been in the works forever — but, watching it, it’s hard to understand why.
  3. vulture lists
    8 Great Zombie Comedies (That Aren’t The Dead Don’t Die)From Re-Animator to Shaun of the Dead, we look back at the films that shaped the mini-genre.
  4. party report
    Jesse Eisenberg Is Two Weeks Away From Finishing Zombieland 2 ShootThe actor promises the ten-year journey to creating a cult sequel will pay off for longtime fans.
  5. movies
    Zombieland Will Return From the Undead With a SequelZombieland 2 will reunite the original cast, writers, and director.
  6. vulture lists
    11 Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies to Watch If You’re a WimpEven wusses need something to watch this weekend.
  7. ‘Zombieland’ Writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick Confirm a Sequel is in […]A sequel to the 2009 horror-comedy Zombieland is officially happening. During their interview on Kevin Smith and Greg Grunberg’s AMC show […]
  8. vulture lists
    The History of Horror-Comedy in 11 Crucial FilmsWhat a delightfully gruesome hybrid.
  9. overdue sequels
    The Zombieland Sequel Is HappeningFingers crossed.
  10. Amazon Rejects ‘Zombieland’ SeriesAmazon is deciding which of its eight comedy pilots are getting picked up this week, and it looks like Zombieland won’t be one of them. “Our […]
  11. hated out of existence
    Amazon’s Zombieland ‘Hated Out of Existence’It’s dead.
  12. Amazon Is Announcing Which Pilots It Picked Up SoonLast month, online retailer Amazon released its first batch of original TV pilots online, allowing viewers to have a hand in deciding which […]
  13. televison democracy
    Which Amazon Pilots Should You Stream?A speedy guide as to what’s worth watching, depending on your tastes.
  14. Ranking Amazon’s 8 New Comedy Pilots, from Worst to FirstAmazon.com kicked off its expansion into creating original TV series on Friday with the debut of eight comedy pilots. While some of the shows […]
  15. You Can Watch Amazon’s 8 New Comedy Pilots Online Right NowOnline retailer Amazon is making a big push to develop original TV content a la Netflix, and they’ve debuted a slate of eight original comedy […]
  16. Watch the Trailer for the ‘Zombieland’ TV Show Online retailer Amazon filmed a TV pilot based on the 2009 horror-comedy Zombieland, and here’s your first glimpse of what it looks like. […]
  17. adaptations
    Watch the Pilot for Amazon’s Zombieland SeriesAdapted from and nearly identical to the movie.
  18. clickables
    See an Image From Amazon’s Zombieland ShowHey, we remember you guys, sort of!
  19. Here’s What the New ‘Zombieland’ Show’s Gonna Look Like Amazon just released this image and a poster (below) from its pilot for a show based on the movie Zombieland that’ll be premiering on its new […]
  20. Amazon Made a ‘Zombieland’ Pilot Amazon.com is making a big push to develop original comedy shows to air on its streaming service, and the online retailer announced today its […]
  21. braaaaaains
    Zombieland TV Show Finds Its Abigail Breslin and Jesse EisenbergMore kids to kill more zombies.
  22. braaaaaains
    Zombieland TV Show Might Be Heading to AmazonStreaming: the wave of the future.
  23. ‘Zombieland’ TV Show Moving Forward, SlowlyThe prospect of a TV show based on the movie Zombieland was first floated in late 2011 when Fox was developing the half-hour show, but since […]
  24. movie news
    Zombieland Director Pulls Trigger on Spy HunterThe movie based on the arcade game is one step closer to the big screen.
  25. Zombieland TV Show Slowly Shambles Around Fox If anything would get Bill Murray out of his opulent solid gold mansion for a day, it’s the chance to slip into some prosthetic rotting flesh […]
  26. exclusive
    A TV Version of Zombieland Is in the Works at FoxAMC may soon have undead competition.
  27. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Steve Carell Penning Post Office ComedyIt’ll be based on his real-life experiences.
  28. the industry
    James Franco to Saw Off Arm With a Dull KnifePlus: ‘Zombieland’ writers take on ‘Deadpool’!
  29. the industry
    Mindy Kaling and Friend to Tackle Self-Esteem IssuesPlus: ‘Zombieland 2’ will be in brain-splattering 3-D!
  30. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: Couples Advance on Couples RetreatBut Paranormal Activity was the weekend’s big surprise.
  31. chat room
    Jesse Eisenberg on Zombieland, the Movie’s Big Cameo, and Facebook“Why would I ever want to be in something called this?”
  32. spoilers
    Top Secret Zombieland-Cameo Spoilers Overrun the InternetIn accordance with the Official Vulture Spoiler Policy, we won’t ruin it for you here.
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    Philip Seymour Hoffman to Awkwardly Make Out With Amy RyanPlus: Woody Harrelson battles zombies!
  34. the industry
    For ‘Indy 5,’ George Lucas Will Put on His Thinking CapPlus: Kat Dennings to star in indie comedy!
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    Vin Diesel Is Getting ‘Riddick’-ulousAh, the last week in August, a magical time of year when we publish the hopeful ramblings of actors, musicians, and homeless crazy people in lieu of actual news.