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  1. Horrible Bosses Outdraws Zookeeper at the Weekend Box OfficeWhile ‘Transformers’ becomes the highest-grossing film of the year.
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    Transformers Becomes Year’s Highest-Grossing FilmOf course.
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    Zookeeper vs. Animal-Rights SupportersPETA: Animal actors were mistreated.
  4. The 7 Best Backhanded Compliments From Zookeeper Reviews “Sure, it’s silly without shame, and predictably sentimental. But Zookeeper is the most thoroughly enjoyable movie for the entire family in […]
  5. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Jason Sudeikis Can’t Smell Farts, So All He Gets Is the ‘Fun Part’Plus: Kevin James tiffs with his famous anthropoid co-star, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
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    Which of 2011’s Many Onscreen Talking Animals Is Right for You?Is it the ape from ‘Zookeeper,’ the talking dog from ‘Beginners,’ or whatever the Smurfs are?
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    HIMYM Nonsensically Shills for ZookeeperWhat is going on here?
  8. Background Ads for Zookeeper Digitally Inserted Into Reruns of How I Met […]Listen up, pal! You’re gonna see Zookeeper this weekend whether you like it or not! Sick of the ads for it? Too bad! You can’t even escape them […]
  9. Let’s Count How Many Things Kevin James Runs Into in the Zookeeper Trailer Here’s the first trailer for Paul Blart: Animal Cop Zookeeper, the new Kevin James vehicle coming July 8th that will sell a bajillion tickets. […]
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    Zookeeper Trailer: Kevin James Is Your New Doctor DolittleAfter the week of trailers we’ve had, we could really use a teaser for a subtitled art-house movie.
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    Release of Kevin James’s Zookeeper Pushed to Summer 2011Believe it or not, the animated animals feature scored some of the best test scores Sony’s “ever seen.”