The Year of the Nepo Baby

We love them, hate them, disrespect them, and obsess over them.

the year of the nepo baby

How a Nepo Baby Is Born

Hollywood has always loved the children of famous people. In 2022, the internet reduced them to two little words.
the year of the nepo baby

An All But Definitive Guide to the Hollywood Nepo-Verse

Actors, singers, directors who just happen to be the children of actors, singers, directors.
the year of the nepo baby

Fashion Loves a Familiar Face

A guide to the ever-expanding world of nepo baby models, from Kaia Gerber to Lila Grace Moss.

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  6. Nobody Loves a Nepo Baby Like Ryan MurphyIn his series American Horror Story, the super-producer can’t help but sprinkle insider youths with recognizable last names into the credits.
  7. Which Nepo Baby Said It?Match the celeb to their defensive quote about having a famous family.
  8. Support a Nepo Baby This Holiday SeasonSomething you can buy for a loved one and say, “This is so-and-so’s kid’s brand!”
  9. Where Should You Send Your Nepo Baby to High School?They can’t just go anywhere a normal kid would go.
  10. Exclusive: The 20 Most Powerful Nepo Babies of 2042Want to know who’s going to run in the world in 20 years?