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The New Leading Men in Our Lives

Meet the next class of actors who will be dominating screens (and hearts) for the foreseeable future.

What Happened to Broadway’s Room?

Producer Hunter Arnold says the production found itself in “the worst-case scenario” mere weeks before previews were set to begin.
theater review

The Mischievous Wolf Play Has Sharp Teeth

It blurs its factual universe into a fictional one. Plus: ‘Cornelia Street’ at the Atlantic.
  1. poo crime
    What Crappened by Hillary Rodham Clinton?There were “two human turds in the aisle” near her and Chelsea Clinton at Broadway’s Some Like It Hot.
  2. no more beans
    Mike Faist to Not Know How to Quit Lucas HedgesThe two will reportedly star in a West End adaptation of Brokeback Mountain.
  3. backstage
    What Happened to Broadway’s Room?Producer Hunter Arnold says the production found itself in “the worst-case scenario” mere weeks before previews were set to begin.
  4. theater review
    Dancin’ Slinks Back to Town, Aching to Seduce YouA revised revival of the 1978 revue that goes all out.
  5. theatrical tragedy
    Room Stops Production on Broadway Midway Through Rehearsals“We are completely heartbroken that we don’t get to share this beautiful piece with all of you… not yet,” Adrienne Warren said.
  6. theater review
    Parade Marches Back In, Intent on Its Own RelevanceBen Platt and Micaela Diamond star in the revival of this musical about antisemitism in the Deep South.
  7. he’s still here
    Stephen Sondheim to Entertain With a New Musical One Last TimeSquare One, his adaptation of two Luis Buñuel films with David Ives and Joe Mantello, is now titled Here We Are.
  8. theater review
    The Harder They Come Tries to Fit Too Much OnstageThe overstuffed Jimmy Cliff musical barely has time for its own songs.
  9. theater review
    All in this Together: How to Defend Yourself and The Coast StarlightA classic playwrighting gambit: trap a bunch of people in one small space and brew up some trouble.
  10. theater review
    Gut-Renovating A Doll’s House With Jessica ChastainSit-down, stripped-down Ibsen.
  11. theater review
    Better Living Through Chlorophyll in The TreesIf you were a tree, you might want to be this kind.
  12. theater review
    Love Pulls You CloseAlexander Zeldin’s drama about Londoners in temporary housing comes to New York.
  13. the greatest star goes out
    Lea Michele Will Deliver Funny Girl’s Last LaughThe Broadway show will close on September 3.
  14. coming soon
    Busy Phillips Is Not Like a Regular Mom, She’s a Cool MomThere’s nothing wrong with Busy Phillips being cast as Mrs. George in the upcoming Mean Girls musical movie.
  15. great scott
    Back to the Future Musical to Drive a DeLorean Straight to BroadwayCasey Likes from the Almost Famous musical is back on the nostalgia train already.
  16. theater review
    The Seagull Heads for the ShawangunksParker Posey stars in this update of Chekhov, swapping familiar New York intelligentsia types for the Russian bourgeoisie.
  17. theater review
    Ritual Healing in Letters From Max and Black OdysseyTwo plays take on existential journeys.
  18. theater review
    Lorraine Hansberry on Hashtag Activism: The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s WindowOscar Isaac and Rachel Brosnahan star in her play about fashionable commitment to social change.
  19. broadway-bound
    Here Comes Here Lies Love’s Broadway DebutLea Salonga will perform her first Filipino role in David Byrne and Fatboy Slim’s musical.
  20. everybody loves puppets!
    Tom Cruise Crashed The Lion King to Play PumbaaOf course James Corden is involved in this somehow.
  21. the industry
    The New Leading Men in Our LivesMeet the next class of actors who will be dominating screens (and hearts) for the foreseeable future.
  22. mcu-sical
    Disney Is Making the Fake Captain America Musical a RealityHow annoyed is Julie Taymor right now on a scale of one to ten?
  23. jojo is no no-no
    It’s Neither Too Little Nor Too Late for Jojo to Star on BroadwayShe’s stepping into the trapeze of Moulin Rogue!
  24. red light green light
    Florence Welch to Be Borne Back Ceaselessly Into the PastWorking on a musical-theater adaptation of The Great Gatsby with Rachel Chavkin.
  25. how can i call this home
    Ben Platt Addresses ‘Ugly and Scary’ Antisemitic Protests at Broadway’s ParadeThe Broadway musical follows the wrongful conviction of a Jewish man in Georgia.
  26. theater review
    Hellfire at Hobby Lobby in A Bright New BoiseSamuel D. Hunter’s early play returns to the New York stage.
  27. theater review
    In The Wanderers, Love Complicated by Page and ScreenA beguiling script and a meta turn by Katie Holmes are let down by a workaday production.
  28. theater review
    The Mischievous Wolf Play Has Sharp TeethIt blurs its factual universe into a fictional one. Plus: ‘Cornelia Street’ at the Atlantic.
  29. theater
    Lorraine Hansberry Saw It ComingHer nearly forgotten play The Sign in Sidney Brustein’s Window resurfaces at BAM, now with Oscar Isaac and Rachel Brosnahan.
  30. theater review
    Pictures From Home, Without Sharp FocusA play based on Larry Sultan’s incisive photos of his parents is a little too warm and soft.
  31. theater review
    Lucy and Endgame Venture Into Extreme CaretakingThe apocalypse is coming from inside the house.
  32. la transplants
    La La Land to Ditch the City of Stars for BroadwayYa like jazz?
  33. web of lies?
    Of All the Broadway Musicals for George Santos to Claim…He reportedly lied about producing the notorious flop Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.
  34. gender inclusivity
    & Juliet Actor Opts Out of Gendered Tony Award Categories“I felt that I had no choice but to abstain from being considered for a nomination this season,” Justin David Sullivan wrote.
  35. theater
    The Name on Everybody’s Lips Is JinkxieThe Drag Race champ says she’s “always aspired to be washed-up.” In Chicago, she’s definitely the star.
  36. theater review
    The Appointment Is a Fetal Fantasia on National ThemesWhere the unborn sing, dance, and do crowd work.
  37. theater review
    When Online Drama Begets Stage DramaSeven Methods of Killing Kylie Jenner and Your Sexts Are Shit will have you wondering, yet again, about being extremely online.
  38. thank you for the musical
    Amanda Seyfried Resurfaces As Part of a Thelma & Louise Musical WorkshopSeyfried was deep in the process of working on the project and missed the Golden Globes.
  39. rip
    Carole Cook, Lucille Ball Protégé and AIDS Activist, Dead at 98The actress was in The Lucy Show, played Grandma Helen in Sixteen Candles, and was a devoted gay rights activist.
  40. parade is not over yet
    Parade Marches on to BroadwayAll the wasted time waiting for this revival …
  41. 2023 preview
    27 Plays and Musicals We Can’t Wait to See in 2023Chastain does Ibsen, Michael R. Jackson’s new musical, a deluxe Sweeney Todd revival, and more.
  42. look to the westworld skies
    James Marsden Didn’t Want to Leave Westworld, Does Want to Boogie on Broadway“But who knows, maybe there’s some world where it can get completed somehow.”
  43. theater review
    Two Kings, Not Much Pleasure: The CollaborationWarhol and Basquiat, painted by numbers.
  44. wya brian yorkey
    Almost Famous Is Definitely ClosingThe musical will play its last Broadway performance on January 8.
  45. theater review
    King Lear, But Rent Controlled: Between Riverside and CrazyA very New York tale of eviction and inheritance.
  46. theater review
    Putting the Unsaid at the Center: The Far Country and Des MoinesLloyd Suh and Denis Johnson, in very different ways, try to let the audience fill in the blank spaces.
  47. comebacks
    Merrily Rolls Along to BroadwayAs the first Broadway revival of the Sondheim show, which premiered in 1981.
  48. broadway bye-byes
    Ain’t No Mo’ Pushes Back Broadway Closing Date By a WeekPlaywright and star Jordan E. Cooper’s call-to-action has worked.
  49. cut print moving on
    The Tony Awards Leave Radio City Behind in Favor of the United PalaceThe Tonys will air on June 11 on CBS and Paramount+ Premium.
  50. theater review
    What’s to Discuss, Old Friends? Merrily We Roll Along Is Back.Maria Friedman’s revival, starring Jonathan Groff and Daniel Radcliffe, makes the grade.
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