theater review

Melissa Etheridge Takes the Aw-Shucks Road to Broadway

My Window is a night of songs and personal biography, loosely hung together.
theater review

A Vintage Satire That Still Has Sting: Purlie Victorious Returns

Ossie Davis’s plantation farce retains its wit and snap.

What to See on (and Off)(and Off-Off) Broadway

Let Vulture’s theater desk be your guide.
  1. coming soon
    The Tonys Are Prepping to Tread the BoardsAt the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in June.
  2. theater review
    Jaja’s African Hair Braiding, Where the Stories Intertwine TooAnd the wigs deserve an award all their own.
  3. theater review
    Melissa Etheridge Takes the Aw-Shucks Road to BroadwayMy Window is a night of songs and personal biography, loosely hung together.
  4. rip
    Sir Michael Gambon, Dumbledore in Harry Potter, Dead at 82Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, Emma Watson, and more have paid tribute to their late co-star.
  5. theater review
    A Vintage Satire That Still Has Sting: Purlie Victorious ReturnsOssie Davis’s plantation farce retains its wit and snap.
  6. theater
    What to See on (and Off)(and Off-Off) BroadwayLet Vulture’s theater desk be your guide.
  7. stage setting
    Stage Whisperer Returns, Just Like So Many Andrew Lloyd Webber ShowsBallroom Cats, Canceled Jesus, a merry start for Merrily, and a fight over Spamalot’s Taran Killam, all in one place.
  8. not dead yet
    Spamalot Will Not Succeed on Broadway, AgainHear ye, we have found out Sir Lancelot(s).
  9. theater review
    Slapstick and Plague, in Mary Gets HersWacky fun with medieval horrors.
  10. coming soon
    Busy Phillips Is Not Like a Regular Mom, She’s a Cool MomShe’ll star as Mrs. George in the Mean Girls movie musical, which has now fetched a release date.
  11. announcements
    Stage Whisperer, Vulture’s Theater Newsletter, Extends Its RunWeekly theater news, delivered a little louder for the people in the back.
  12. theater review
    Little Shop of Blah-Blah: Theresa Rebeck’s DigA redemption play that betrays its own premise.
  13. theater review
    Did a Bot Write This Review of Prometheus Firebringer? No, and Here’s Why Not.A script written and performed by AI in real time has unexpected effects on an audience.
  14. theater
    The Merrily Leads Are Old Friends NowIn Jonathan Groff, Lindsay Mendez, and Daniel Radcliffe’s hands, the show might be a Broadway hit at long last.
  15. improv
    The Second City Is Close to Opening Its Doors in New YorkThe legendary theater’s “first city” location will open November 16.
  16. theater review
    Job Pays Off and Clocks Out“Like a good TV crime drama, it’s manipulative in a value-neutral sense: It knows the position it wants to put you in, and it puts you there.”
  17. theater review
    In Swing State, Bleak Politics in the Tall GrassRebecca Gilman’s story is hemmed in on all sides.
  18. theater review
    Rachel Bloom Sets Avoidance to Song in Death, Let Me Do My ShowA terrible March 2020, exposed but not too exposed.
  19. theater review
    The Mortal Truths of Annie Baker’s Infinite Life“This is part of Baker’s brilliance: to ruffle feathers with the calmest of breezes.”
  20. the thee-ay-ter
    Broadway’s Getting AppropriateSarah Paulson, Corey Stoll, and Natalie Gold will star in Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s Broadway debut.
  21. drama (no literally)
    What’s the Matter With Mary Jane?Rachel McAdams will make her Broadway debut in the Amy Herzog play.
  22. theater review
    Shadows and Seams, Both Visible: No Good Things Dwell in the FleshIn Christina Masciotti’s play about a Queens tailor facing her career’s end, the principal characters are everything.
  23. mom?
    A Motherquake Is Hitting Broadway!Paula Vogel’s Mother Play, starring Jessica Lange and directed by Tina Landau.
  24. exit interview
    ‘There’s No Cheating in These Plays’Marin Ireland on the embarrassing part of performing Uncle Vanya in an apartment.
  25. theater review
    A Tempest in the Park That’s (Mostly) No Thoughts, Just VibesIn tone and temperament, this production owes much more to Disney than it does to Shakespeare.
  26. da-doo
    It’s Corbin Bleu, Constance Wu, and Audrey II, TooStarring in Little Shop of Horrors Off Broadway.
  27. fall preview 2023
    Leslie Odom Jr. Returns, in a Red-Hot American SatireThe actor is back on Broadway for Purlie Victorious, a show more skeptical than the one that made him famous.
  28. theater
    The Final SondheimThe complete, from-beginning-to-end story of how Stephen Sondheim, David Ives, and Joe Mantello created the musical Here We Are.
  29. fall preview 2023
    29 Plays and Musicals We Can’t Wait to See This FallOur two new drama critics share and compare their enthusiasms.
  30. vulture dept. of bad cinderellas
    You Can Only See Once Upon a One More Time 16 More TimesAnother Broadway Cinderella has fallen.
  31. theater review
    Improv on the Roof, Catharsis in Aisle 5What Else Is True? and Joan of Arc in a Supermarket in California leave our critic saying, “Yes, and …?”
  32. theater review
    The Shark Is Broken Goes Chumming for Your AffectionIan Shaw’s play bemoans big action movies’ death grip on the culture — while also venerating the voracious progenitor of them all.
  33. theater review
    You Made a Musical … Out of a DeLorean?Back to the Future: The Musical is a carefully faithful spectacle.
  34. theater review
    Pregaming With Three Postcollege Brats (Plus a Dog) at Toros“The play keeps reminding you it’s a performance, which is nice in a time when many shows feel like they just want to be adapted into film or TV.”
  35. theater review
    The Epic and Hyperspecific in Half-God of Rainfall and Let’s Call Her PattyThe gods shoot hoops; Rhea Perlman chops onions.
  36. besties reunite
    Christopher Abbott and Aubrey Plaza to Take a Dip in Danny and the Deep Blue Sea“I hate going to midtown, so to be able to walk out every night of the Lortel will make me less angry.”
  37. crime
    Kevin Spacey Found Not Guilty in London Sexual-Assault TrialThe allegations from four men went back 20 years.
  38. existential crisis barbie
    Rachel Bloom Totally Doesn’t Think About DyingAnd she will not be discussing it in her Off Broadway comedy Death, Let Me Do My Show.
  39. theater review
    The Cottage Needs More Doors to SlamLaura Bell Bundy and Eric McCormack lead a too-tidy farce.
  40. theater review
    Notes on Teamwork: Flex and Orpheus DescendingTwo midsummer trips to the South.
  41. theater review
    Here Lies Love Is an Unsettlingly Good TimeA show that portrays Imelda Marcos as blithe naïf and corrupt co-tyrant—and also enabler of a rousing dance party.
  42. what is this feeling?
    Ariana Grande Is So Into … Her Wicked Co-star Ethan SlaterSlater recently filed for divorce from his high school sweetheart, singer Lilly Jay.
  43. it’s broadway bitch
    The Britney Spears Musical Knows Exactly What It’s Doing“A self-aware piece of art tells an audience, ‘We’re going to take care of you,’” says Once Upon a One More Time’s Briga Heelan.
  44. he’s still here
    Send in the Cast of Stephen Sondheim’s Last MusicalAmber Gray, Steven Pasquale, and Bobby Cannavale will be side by side by Sondheim.
  45. roundtable
    ‘The Gayest Gasp of All Time’The cast of Theater Camp discuss the roles they were born to play and the Broadway divas they’d body-swap.
  46. life is a cabaret (again)
    What Is New York Without a Cabaret Revival Running at All Times?The West End Cabaret is crossing the pond in spring 2024.
  47. broadway bound
    A Transparent Musical Plans to Transition to BroadwayWritten by Joey and Faith Soloway (with MJ Kaufman), the show is a true family affair.
  48. look book
    The Look Book Goes to Once Upon a One More TimeBritney Spears fans came from all over the country for opening weekend of a play inspired by her music.
  49. rip
    Alan Arkin, Oscar-Winning Actor, Dead at 89“A loving husband, father, grand and great grandfather, he was adored and will be deeply missed.”
  50. theater review
    A Hamlet in the Park That Puzzles the WillKenny Leon’s production gestures at a lot without capturing any one thing.
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