Reservation Dogs Series-Finale Recap: We Did Good

After a beautiful run, Reservation Dogs has come to an end. Let’s keep supporting Indigenous storytelling.

The Morning Show Recap: Baby’s First Upfronts

Cory and Paul are in a competition to be the biggest weirdo in this show, and they’re both winning.

Welcome to Wrexham Recap: Vacation, All Shaun Ever Wanted

The biggest lesson learned in these episodes is that Rob is an agent of chaos.

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    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap: Diss and MakeupThere is nothing quite like watching Lisa melt down over doing drag or Mary sitting in the van by herself.
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    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Fathers of the BrideIt looks like the crew has cracked the case and has their murderer. Now what?
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    Below Deck Mediterranean Season-Premiere Recap: Smoke and MirrorsRuan has an all-time bad episode that leaves the crew miserably shorthanded.
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    The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Recap: An American in ParisIsabelle gets a blast from the past, and Daryl is still no closer to getting home.
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    The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Phone a FriendOr Erin and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.
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    Sex Education Series-Finale Recap: Forever ChangedThe series ends by showcasing, one last time, how important it is to open your heart and let the people you love see what’s inside.
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    Sex Education Recap: Collective ActionOtis and Maeve have come so far and grown so much. It’s only natural that this is where they end up.
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    The Continental Series-Premiere Recap: There Will Be GunsAn origin story for Winston Scott and the Continental Hotel brings the John Wick universe to television.
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    The Changeling Recap: Estrogen IslandWe finally get some of Emma’s perspective, but it comes in a painfully plodding episode.
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    Sex Education Recap: Weird DayThere is nothing like the pain of profound loss to activate the fear of losing close ones.
  11. overnights
    Sex Education Recap: BuzzkillOtis’s plans are blowing up in his face.
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    Love Is Blind Season-Premiere Recap: A Walking Red FlagIt’s a whole new pod squad, and we’re getting so truly unhinged and messy.
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    The Wheel of Time Recap: Master and ServantEgwene’s breaking is the most disturbing moment in the series to date.
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    Billions Recap: Leave It to SeniorBillions finally gets into fighting shape.
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    Sex Education Recap: I’m Not LaughingWe have a reminder that while love and joy might be this show’s defining emotions, it’s the moments of heartbreak and confusion that make it all work.
  16. overnights
    Southern Charm Recap: Boys, Oh, BoysLet’s hear it for the new boys for really bringing it.
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    Sex Education Recap: Emotional LaborAs we inch closer to the finale, our friends continue to experience growing pains.
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    American Horror Story: Delicate Season-Premiere Recap: CyclesThe violent condition of pregnancy and Kim Kardashian: two things that are perfect for AHS.
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    Sex Education Recap: The Original Student Sex TherapistBecause we’re rooting for Otis and his efforts to help his fellow students, we sometimes forget he loses sight of what’s really important.
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    Sex Education Season-Premiere Recap: Gossip-Free ZoneOne of the perks of having a deep-bench cast is that Sex Education still feels like itself even with a few people missing.
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    The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Get In, LoserHow Vicki got her groove back.
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    Ahsoka Recap: Heir to the EmpireFinally, Mitth’raw’nuruodo, better known as Grand Admiral Thrawn, makes his live-action debut.
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    The Morning Show Recap: The LeakWe love it when Cory’s plans blow up in his face!
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    Reservation Dogs Recap: Second ChancesThank the convoluted rules of student financial aid for giving us Elora’s reunion with her absentee father.
  25. overnights
    Welcome to Wrexham Recap: Wrexham Is Here to Make Friends, ActuallyA closer look at Wrexham’s many fans (and haters).
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    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap: Tricksy MotelAngie crashing the Palm Springs trip finally comes to a head as the wives spiral into a fight for the ages.
  27. overnights
    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Tricky DickieMeryl Streep can’t be guilty of murder, right?
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    Below Deck Down Under Season-Finale Recap: What Goes Around Comes AroundThe season comes to an end … as should Jaimee and Culver’s relationship.
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    The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Recap: Nanu NanuIsabelle’s backstory is classic The Walking Dead.
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    The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Hold the PhoneIn the hardship backstories and PrankGate, everyone is right and wrong, which is the mark of a true Housewife.
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    Winning Time Finale Recap: Leave the Dynasties to UsThe Lakers lose the ’84 finals but will more or less live happily ever after. Winning Time as a series, on the other hand …
  32. overnights
    Billions Recap: Double TurnThe return of John Malkovich’s terrifying Russian oligarch leaves Chuck and Axe on good terms.
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    Heels Season-Finale Recap: Last Man StandingAll roads lead to Harmageddon.
  34. overnights
    The Changeling Recap: To the Waters and the WildWhy is William such a creep?
  35. overnights
    The Wheel of Time Recap: Are You Afraid of the Dark?We’re benefiting from seeing our characters develop more, but we have to suffer through these lifeless night scenes.
  36. overnights
    Foundation Season-Finale Recap: The Foundation Strikes BackIt was Seldon’s plan all along.
  37. overnights
    Southern Charm Season-Premiere Recap: Feel the VibrationsSouthern Charm is suffering from Bravo’s #Scandoval hangover.
  38. overnights
    The Morning Show Recap: Secret’s OutThis show is never better than when everyone is in total crisis mode.
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    The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Whoop, There She IsVicki arrives with a classic Real Housewives jump scare.
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    Ahsoka Recap: We Are What They Grow BeyondThe best episode of the show so far finally turns subtext into text.
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    The Morning Show Season-Premiere Recap: Out of This WorldIt’s perhaps too fitting that the season kicks off launching one of our news anchors into space.
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    Reservation Dogs Recap: Elder HeistIt’s the Rez Dogs’ turn to impart some wisdom to the elders.
  43. overnights
    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap: Palm Springs and Lost RingsMonica continues evolving as a proper housewife, not just Jen’s friend.
  44. overnights
    Welcome to Wrexham Season-Premiere Recap: Bend It Like WrexhamA cautious optimism is in the air as the team prepares for the upcoming season. Also, the king is there.
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    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Train WreckThese guests are possibly the most high-maintenance ones we’ve seen all season.
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    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Magic Mike LiveCulver — sorry, Keith Stone — is thrilled to be back in his natural habitat.
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    Only Murders in the Building Recap: The Trio’s Day OffCharles gets his long-awaited revenge on Matthew Broderick, while Mabel goes full ‘Save Greg.’
  48. overnights
    The Changeling Recap: It’s Not a Baby!Emma’s point of view is sorely missing.
  49. overnights
    The Changeling Recap: Sad Truths and Happy LiesBeing a parent is hard enough without someone switching your baby with a changeling.
  50. overnights
    The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Premiere Recap: I’m On a BoatIn a sea of spinoffs and companion series, The Walking Dead’s fan favorite might have the most interesting one yet.
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