The Nevers Part-One Finale Recap: On the Origin of True

This series is completely batshit.

The Underground Railroad Finale Recap: Coursing All Through You

A tough conclusion bridges Mabel’s past and Cora’s future.

Gangs of London Recap: Rules About Killing

A comparatively slower episode feels like a direct rejection of the Wallaces’ belief that any of this was personal.
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    Pose Recap: HomecomingPray Tell knows how his story ends, and while this episode can’t rewrite his future, it highlights the optimism in the present he’s made for himself.
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    Mare of Easttown Recap: Jump In TogetherJust when Mare and Colin were starting to finally click as an investigative partnership …
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    The Underground Railroad Recap: The Grandest DelusionThis tragic yet stunningly cinematic episode feels like an entire film.
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    The Underground Railroad Recap: All Those PeopleThe idea of freedom turns out to be complicated as it becomes more real.
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    The Underground Railroad Recap: Grace NoteWhat a small relief this episode is.
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    Saturday Night Live Recap: Keegan-Michael Key Delivers a Muppet BeatdownThe show gives the sketch-comedy king too few opportunities to play to his strengths, but he makes the most of what he gets.
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    The Underground Railroad Recap: One Chosen, One DisgracedRidgeway has no intention to stop seizing what he believes is his to seize.
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    The Underground Railroad Recap: Square in the TeethA bleak, difficult midway point takes its time in telling us a bit more about each character as they crawl their way across a burning Tennessee.
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    Halston Finale Recap: Going Out in StyleThe miniseries ends with Halston working his way from denial to acceptance of how he’ll be remembered.
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    RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under Recap: GobbysmackedWith no front-runner in this race, each queen tries to step forward and assert herself as the one to beat in the season’s girl-group challenge.
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    The Underground Railroad Recap: A Mighty Fine ThingA look into Arnold Ridgeway’s upbringing and spiritual ideology also shows the extent of his cruelty.
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    Halston Recap: Party PopperThe fear Halston has been avoiding might have just caught up to him.
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    Halston Recap: Make ScentsAgain, the designer is put in a position to weigh what he must sacrifice to be true to his art and wealthy.
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    The Underground Railroad Recap: The Wicked in YouIn North Carolina, things go from bad to worse to absolute worst for Cora.
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    The Challenge: All Stars Recap: Who Needs Enemies …In a surprisingly compelling deliberation, we actually get to see people express opinions for once.
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    Halston Recap: Battle RoyaleHe may roll his eyes at the other American designers at the Battle of Versailles, but behind those dark sunglasses, Halston’s intimidated by them.
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    The Underground Railroad Recap: A Different World“If you want to stay, we stay. I’m not getting on that train without you.”
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Calm Before the DivorceIan and Poppy’s carefully calibrated ceasefire is approaching its inevitable end.
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    Halston Premiere Recap: Brand AwarenessThe celebrity fashion designer’s origin story charts a journey from chicken-feather hats to one very saucy red dress.
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    The Underground Railroad Premiere Recap: It’s TimeBarry Jenkins’s adaptation of the Colson Whitehead novel starts off running with a difficult, alluring first episode.
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    Clarice Recap: A Past-Due BillAn episode about secrets and who is asked to carry their burdens faces down Silence of the Lambs’ most damaging legacy.
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    Younger Recap: How Do You Solve a Problem Like Quinn TylerIs Quinn actually a good person? Do we want her to be?
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    The Real Housewives of New Jersey Season-Finale Recap: Pineapple ExpressTeresa may have started off the season with a bang, but she ends it with a whimper.
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    Kung Fu Recap: So We Meet Again …An action-packed mid-season finale delivers a heist, an ultimatum, and the clash we’ve been waiting for.
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    The Handmaid’s Tale Recap: Boulevard of Broken DreamsOf all the streets in all the towns in all the world …
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    This Is Us Recap: Dreams DeferredIn times of crisis, Beth and Kate both get a little support from their biggest fans.
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    The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: A Burning SensationThis is what happens when Ramona gets to spend the season’s entire event budget in her own backyard.
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    90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Recap: The Writing on the WallTiffany might need to accept that what’s best for her kids is riding solo.
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    Gangs of London Recap: A Wolf ComingGareth Evans really aimed for the jugular with this episode, and he didn’t miss.
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    Pose Recap: Thank You, MotherThe best episode so far of this final season takes us on a trip down memory lane courtesy of the legendary Elektra Abundance Evangelista.
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    Mare of Easttown Recap: Life of the PartyMare may be chastened, but she’s not about to stop pushing her boulder up that mountain.
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    The Nevers Recap: Penny and the B-SidesA much tidier episode than we’ve come to expect offers a rewarding glimpse into what makes Amalia’s first lieutenant tick.
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    Saturday Night Live Recap: The Dogefather Cops to the HustleElon Musk’s hosting gig may have generated discussion, but generating laughter, well, that’s another story.
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    RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under Recap: A Dingo Ate My Snitch GameA fairly heinous Snatch Game levels the playing field and turns this into any queen’s game.
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    The Challenge: All Stars Recap: Scaredy KatIt’s exciting going into the Arena truly having no idea what the outcome will be.
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    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: EndgameThis is shaping up to be the sweetest of goodbyes.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: Maybe It’s the EstrogenPoppy and public speaking just don’t go together — or perhaps they do.
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    Mythic Quest Season-Premiere Recap: It Came to Me in a DreamIt’s a new dawn at Mythic Quest, yet both Poppy and David are being forced by their subconsciouses to recognize the sway Ian has over them.
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    Clarice Recap: He Who Must Not Be NamedAs it works to flesh out Clarice’s damage, the show must invoke the Forbidden Character.
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    Younger Recap: An Affair to RememberCan Charles just stop being a ding-dong for, like, five seconds?
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    The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Undercover LoverThe non-reveal of Teresa’s new boyfriend is the greatest disappointment in an episode full of them.
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    Kung Fu Recap: SolidarityA powerful hour centered on two concurrent social movements pulls no punches when it comes to heavy topics.
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    The Handmaid’s Tale Recap: Come On, Feel the IllinoiseA breather episode moves some pieces around the board and highlights how Janine has sneakily grown into a fitting counterpart to June.
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    The Real Housewives of New York City Season-Premiere Recap: Grey Garden PartySometimes you just need some new blood to see how much we take the behavior of our favorite ladies for granted.
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    90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? Recap: The Gang’s All HereThe messiest show of the franchise is back with a pretty perfect mix of couples.
  46. overnights
    Gangs of London Recap: Cement and GlassThe Wallaces are under attack, and “Episode 4” brings the threat home.
  47. overnights
    Pose Recap: I’m Not Trying to Be NiceThis episode alone could handily win Billy Porter another Emmy.
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    Pose Season-Premiere Recap: Times Have ChangedThe final season kicks off with Blanca looking ahead with bright-eyed optimism, while Pray Tell seeks survival in self-destruction.
  49. overnights
    Mare of Easttown Recap: Hero DetectiveAn episode packed with twists, turns, backstory reveals, and plot progression reveals just how far Mare will go to avoid losing another child.
  50. overnights
    The Nevers Recap: WhodunnitEvery answer on this show begets more questions, not because the world is getting more complicated, but because the answers are incomplete.
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