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    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap: Palm Springs and Lost RingsMonica continues evolving as a proper housewife, not just Jen’s friend.
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    Welcome to Wrexham Season-Premiere Recap: Bend It Like WrexhamA cautious optimism is in the air as the team prepares for the upcoming season. Also, the king is there.
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    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Train WreckThese guests are possibly the most high-maintenance ones we’ve seen all season.
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    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Magic Mike LiveCulver — sorry, Keith Stone — is thrilled to be back in his natural habitat.
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    Only Murders in the Building Recap: The Trio’s Day OffCharles gets his long-awaited revenge on Matthew Broderick, while Mabel goes full ‘Save Greg.’
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    The Changeling Recap: It’s Not a Baby!Emma’s point of view is sorely missing.
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    The Changeling Recap: Sad Truths and Happy LiesBeing a parent is hard enough without someone switching your baby with a changeling.
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    The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Premiere Recap: I’m On a BoatIn a sea of spinoffs and companion series, The Walking Dead’s fan favorite might have the most interesting one yet.
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    The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Switching TeamsBrynn and Erin are forcing us to pick sides. It’s not an easy choice!
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    Winning Time Recap: It’s Actually Losing TimeWe’re skipping right over the ‘82 championship to get to the good stuff: the Lakers’ professional and personal failures.
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    Heels Recap: A Tale of Two PartiesHas Willie finally turned full heel?
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    Minx Season-Finale Recap: Not for Women Like UsMinx’s future is in question.
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    The Changeling Series-Premiere Recap: A Baby Is a Dream Made RealWho knew that these meet-cutes would go so horribly?
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    Billions Recap: I’ll WaitWe’re still waiting for the group to get their plan to take down Prince in motion. It’s taking too long.
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    The Wheel of Time Recap: Blood SimpleWheel seems to have taken a leap in its second season. Here’s hoping it keeps up!
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    Foundation Recap: Robot and EmpireWho knew the fate of humanity is better off in the hands of a murder robot.
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    The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Now in HDThe Emily and Heather feud is starting to really devolve.
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    The Wheel of Time Recap: Level UpWhoa. Where did this show come from?
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    Ahsoka Recap: Duel of the FatesThe return of Hayden Christensen’s Anakin Skywalker makes for a cool and emotional moment.
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    Reservation Dogs Recap: Hoka, Bae!This whole episode is a beautiful love letter to Indigenous women.
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    The Afterparty Season-Finale Recap: Saving GraceIt’s nice to get all these lovey-dovey happy endings, but we’re kind of skipping over the fact that Edgar got mixed up in this twisted love story.
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    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season-Premiere Recap: Tub-thumpingEven with a mix of new and returning faces, Jen Shah looms over the Salt Lake City premiere like an incarcerated ghost.
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    The Wheel of Time Recap: Rand on the RunWe’re digging into interesting relationship dynamics with new and familiar faces.
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    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Recipe for DisasterIt was only a matter of time before our glorious streak of unproblematic guests came to an end.
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    Below Deck Down Under Recap: Little SipsJust when you think things are about to calm down, the show hits us with another heavy moment.
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    Only Murders in the Building Recap: Low SpiritsIf the Arconia three split up, who gets custody of the podcast?
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    The Real Housewives of New York City Recap: Business CasualtyJenna’s “I don’t know how to have friends!” faux pas continues to put her in the crosshairs of the women.
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    Winning Time Recap: Press Conference MassacreA combination of Jerry’s mismanagement and Magic flexing his power combusts into a historic mess.
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    Special Ops: Lioness Season-Finale Recap: All We Changed Was Oil PricesJoe and Cruz get the job done, but this is just the beginning of much more bloodshed.
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    The Wheel of Time Season-Premiere Recap: Roll OnAmazon’s big-budgeted series may not be remarkable, but it knows to deliver all the hits of fantasy that fantasy nerds want.
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    Foundation Recap: I, DemerzelIt’s Demerzel’s time to shine.
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    Heels Recap: Tom & Carol & Bill & WillieWild Bill Hancock has really lived a life, and we are so privileged to see it.
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    Minx Recap: Bathhouse BluesSomething fishy is happening at Bottom Dollar.
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    One Piece Season-Finale Recap: To the Grand LineLuffy battles Arlong… but that’s not the toughest fight of the hour.
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    One Piece Recap: By the BookNetflix’s live-action series has its first real adaptational stumbles.
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    Billions Recap: Bittersweet SymphonyPrince is making moves and consolidating power on his march toward the presidency — the Rebel Alliance needs to bulk up.
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    One Piece Recap: The Next GenerationThe Straw Hats face a betrayal.
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    What We Do in the Shadows Season-Finale Recap: A Heart-to-Heart at Panera BreadThat was a lot easier than anyone thought. Also, what the hell was Patton Oswalt doing in Staten Island?
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    What We Do in the Shadows Recap: A Weekend in the CountryWould it hurt the group to show the Guide the smallest bit of kindness? (Obviously yes.)
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    One Piece Recap: Thin Blue LineZoro fights the greatest swordsman in the world: Mihawk.
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    One Piece Recap: NakamaThe Straw Hat Pirates get a ship.
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    One Piece Recap: The Captain and the NavigatorLuffy may be the face of the franchise, but this first season is really Nami’s story.
  43. overnights
    One Piece Recap: Let’s Put a Smile on That FaceLuffy is going to be a very different sort of pirate than Buggy the Clown
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    One Piece Series-Premiere Recap: Yo-Ho, a Pirate’s Life for MeNetflix has a spotty history with live-action anime adaptations, but the first episode of One Piece is … rather good?
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    The Real Housewives of Orange County Recap: Small Dick EnergyAt this point, it’s hard even to remember what the wives are fighting about. Is it just vibes?
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    The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On Finale Recap: Four Weddings and a BabyIf you don’t count the engagements, not much has changed for these couples.
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    Ahsoka Recap: Don’t Get CockyThe plot doesn’t advance much, but at least we get arguably the most exhilarating Star Wars dogfight since Rogue One.
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    The Afterparty Recap: The Mother I Know Does Not BounceIsabel’s Hitchcockian psychological-thriller story proves to be a lot of fun, even if her feelings toward Grace are too all over the place.
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    Reservation Dogs Recap: Operation Nephew RescueThe elders don’t want the Rez Dogs to be haunted by the same mistakes they made as young people in Okern.
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    Justified: City Primeval Finale Recap: Good-bye, MarshalAn ending and a beginning close out City Primeval, a miniseries that often ricocheted between fulfilling and befuddling.
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