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    The Kardashians Recap: Met Gala BehaviorThe Met Gala and the Blac Chyna trial verdict on the same day? A reality producer couldn’t ask for better timing, and yet this episode is not so good.
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    Fleishman Is in Trouble Series-Premiere Recap: A Sense of PossibilityWhere is Rachel Fleishman? Perhaps more importantly, how is she?
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    1899 Series-Premiere Recap: Welcome AboardJourney across the Atlantic Ocean in seven days, they said! You can leave your dodgy past behind, they said! It will be fun, they said!
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    Dead to Me Season-Premiere Recap: ShadowsThe final season begins in true Dead to Me fashion, dropping us right into the action and saving a major twist for its final scene.
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    Documentary Now! Season-Finale Recap: Strange and Beautiful“The past is elusive and the opening is small.”
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    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap: Battle HymnThese women have yet to meet a setting they can’t fight in or storm out of.
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    Bachelor In Paradise Recap: Paradise LostEveryone wants the ’90s dance to be a fun time with no drama, and somewhere, the Greek god of foolishness is laughing at them.
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    The Winchesters Recap: Into the Spider-VerseThere is hope for this show’s love story, if not its bad CGI spiders.
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    Andor Recap: The Old Ways Hold UsIt’s a check-in extravaganza with appearances from just about every major character we know is still alive (and one who isn’t).
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    The Crown Recap: The War of the WalesesBreakups suck, but this episode doesn’t.
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    90 Day: The Single Life Recap: Let’s Make the Same Mistakes!If I was cheering for Tiffany and Veronica, I can’t say I am anymore!
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    Below Deck Mediterranean Season-Finale Recap: Docking for the SeasonThis is how the season ends. Not with a bang but with raw pancakes, naked twerking, and baton twirling.
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    Yellowstone Recap: Already at WarIs Yellowstone turning from a soapy, violent western into a soapy, violent political drama?
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    Yellowstone Season-Premiere Recap: Married to MontanaJohn Dutton’s the governor … but does he really want to be?
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    The Crown Recap: The Wrong Side of HistoryThe evolving relationship between the media and the monarchy gets teased out in a classic ideological tale of old guard versus new.
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    Interview With the Vampire Season-Finale Recap: You’ve Only Heard Half the StoryWhat other way would there be to end the first season of this bloody, bonkers show than with a masquerade ball?
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    The White Lotus Recap: Change of HeartHarper begins the day trying on a new personality for her husband’s sake, and ends it anxious Ethan might do the same.
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    The Walking Dead Recap: Last Train to CommonwealthWith only two episodes left, there’s no time for anything but action.
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    The Real Housewives of Potomac Recap: Mean GirlsApparently the winery is where sense goes out the window for these women.
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    Dangerous Liaisons Recap: Sudden DeathCamille is not going back to her extremely dangerous old life without a fight.
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    Saturday Night Live Recap: Dave Chappelle Takes SNL to a Season HighDespite all the baggage that comes with Chapelle in 2022, he pulled off a great SNL episode.
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    Great British Baking Show Recap: Release the KrokanWhat a week of surprises — not just who won and went home, but that no one’s giant Krokan sculptures came crashing down, maiming Paul Hollywood.
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    Mythic Quest Recap: The MakersIan may have done something unusually humble last season when he suggested that he and Poppy make Hera together, but he’s still really annoying.
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    RuPaul’s Drag Race U.K. Recap: Squirreling AwayWas this whole episode just an Ambien dream?
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    The Crown Recap: Tear Down the TempleIf this episode of The Crown had aired three years ago, Martin Bashir might have gotten a very different edit.
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    Mythic Quest Season-Premiere Recap: A True OriginalThe old MQ team reunites to gaze at the stars — and one in particular.
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    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: One Last TraumaThe show couldn’t let Meredith leave Seattle without making her suffer just a little bit more.
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    Atlanta Series-Finale Recap: The Simulation Is GlitchingA beautiful finale stays true to the show’s Afro-surrealist nature to the very end.
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    Winter House Recap: An Indecent ProposalJust like lovers of natural toothpaste, the public demands more Toms.
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    Ghosts Recap: An Egregious Misrepresentation of HistoryPete’s legacy is in the hands of a TV show called Dumb Deaths. Uh-oh.
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    The Crown Recap: DNA BusinessAh The Crown, a show about the royal family — you know, the Romanovs.
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    Survivor Recap: Subtle? Or Slogging?Another woman was voted out? Color me shocked!
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    American Horror Story Recap: Fear on Fire IslandWhat comes after the Mai Tai Killer?
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    The Kardashians Recap: Believe It or NotAna de Armas, eat your heart out: Kim’s really wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress (for about ten minutes).
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    The Crown Recap: TampongateSome doubted The Crown would touch this incident, and yet here we are.
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    The Good Fight Series-Finale Recap: A New NormalWhen someone in the future wonders what it was like to be alive right now, this has to be one of the first pieces of entertainment you’d show them.
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    Documentary Now! Recap: Monkey BusinessDocumentary Now! spoofs My Octopus Teacher, which might be the first “bad” documentary it’s ever parodied.
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    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap: Trial by ChoirForget Heather’s fake choir — they should just stage this fight as a one-act play and tour it across the country.
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    The Crown Recap: Love’s RefrainThings heat up in this Margaret-focused episode (literally, in Windsor Castle’s case).
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    The Crown Recap: Puttin’ on the RitzThe Crown steps away from the royal family and puts the spotlight on Mohamed and Dodi Al-Fayed.
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    Love Is Blind Season-Finale Recap: Speak Now …This trip to the altar will go down in Love Is Blind history.
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    The Crown Recap: True GriefPhilip helps a family member through a hard time but basically tells Diana to suck it up.
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    Andor Recap: Sink or Swim“I’d rather die trying to take them down than die giving them what they want.”
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    The Crown Season-Premiere Recap: I’m on a BoatNetflix’s prestige drama is really amping up the drama as season five kicks off.
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    The Handmaid’s Tale Season-Finale Recap: They Never Let Anyone Get AwayThe arm of Gilead is long and getting longer.
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    90 Day: The Single Life Recap: First Dates, Ex-husbands, and VibratorsAs we approach the end of the season, the producers finally stop with the cliffhangers and get to the conflict.
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    Bachelor in Paradise Recap: Love FoolsEveryone seems to be hoping to just get through this season with the least amount of emotional damage.
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    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Pancakes!Two NFL players come aboard and one only wants pancakes, while the other loses a chain worth six figures while waterskiing, as one does.
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    Interview With the Vampire Recap: CheckmateReunited and it feels so bad.
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    The Walking Dead Recap: Trials and TribulationsWe’re back to the old question of whether or not Negan has really changed.
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