The 3 Most Interesting Revelations From The Jinx, Episode 5

Where is Veronica Mars when you need her? She could have closed this case years ago.

‘You’re Caught’: The Jinx’s Tense, Unbelievable Conclusion

Durst’s participation in The Jinx seems to follow the same strange, self-defeating pattern.

The 3 Most Interesting Revelations From The Jinx, Episode 4

“I did not kill my best friend. I did dismember him.”

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    The 3 Most Interesting Revelations From The Jinx, Episode 3Almost 20 years after Kathie Durst disappeared, in 2000 a newly arrested man volunteers some details that cause police to reopen her case.
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    The 3 Most Interesting Revelations From The Jinx: Episode TwoRobert Durst is a singular, compelling, and occasionally terrifying individual.
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    The 3 Most Interesting Revelations From The Jinx: Episode OneA torso, a rich man, and his scared brother.
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    Palm Royale Recap: Where There’s a WillThere’s only room for one scam artist in Palm Beach.
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    Loot Recap: Two Minions Passing in the NightWhat role is Benjamin Bratt playing in the live-action Despicable Me movie?
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    Vanderpump Rules Recap: And Donors Like YouI want to go to a sperm-donor party so bad.
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    Shōgun Recap: No ExitThis show warned us from the start that it would break our hearts.
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    Below Deck Recap: The Sunny & Ben ShowAfter a lot of flirting and tears, Ben and Sunny get on the same page about their situation.
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    Vanderpump Villa Recap: Dirty DishesDo the guests want to hang out with the staff?
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    Sugar Recap: Who Are You, John Sugar?A few hours into the case, we have a new mystery: Who is John Sugar?
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    Fallout Season-Finale Recap: War Never ChangesWe did not think the series would have a canonical explanation for the Great War.
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    Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Most of the TimeIt’s borderline miraculous that Nick can handle Meredith’s dark and twisty bits this well.
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    Elsbeth Recap: Catch Me If You CanWhy are all of these murderers so bad at covering up their murders?
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    Summer House Recap: Say Yeesh to the DressKyle and Amanda will be having the same fight until the end of eternity.
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    Fallout Recap: Selling the End of the WorldThe past and present timelines are colliding together.
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    Fallout Recap: Under New ManagementIt’s fair to say that life in the vault is not as it was advertised.
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    Fallout Recap: Vote 31It’s really starting to look like we’ve got a conspiracy on our hands.
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    Fallout Recap: The Golden RuleLucy and The Ghoul finally have an honest conversation.
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    American Horror Story: Delicate Recap: Brooklyn WitchesOh, a millennia-old conspiracy to birth the Antichrist? Why yes, I’ve heard that one before.
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    Fallout Recap: Thumbs-upIt’s remarkable what 200 years of real depravity will do to a ghoul.
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    Fallout Recap: Ain’t That a Kick in the HeadSpoiler alert: the wasteland isn’t as welcoming as Lucy had initially hoped it would be.
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    Top Chef: Wisconsin Recap: Shaking Things UpWhy is Top Chef making these tweaks to the format? It already works. Just leave it!
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    Fallout Series-Premiere Recap: Orange Colored SkyRight off the bat, it’s clear that Ella Purnell’s Lucy is a classic charisma build.
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    Survivor Recap: Six on the BeachIt’s another night of missed opportunities and strange votes.
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    Abbott Elementary Recap: Out With the Old, In With the NewJanine can’t be serious about leaving Abbott.
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    Loot Recap: Never Tilling AgainMaya Rudolph and Joel Kim Booster are equal turns silly and heartwarming. It’s a winning formula.
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    Palm Royale Recap: Promise the MoonWho would have thought that it was the blackmail that was preventing the societal collapse of Palm Beach?
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    Vanderpump Rules Recap: Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor BreakupWhere is Tom and Katie’s dating show?
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    Shōgun Recap: A Funeral in EdoIf Toranaga is disingenuous about surrendering, he has an odd way of conveying it.
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    Below Deck Recap: Paris Peace TalksIs Fraser and Barbie’s issue really that they’re too similar?
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    Vanderpump Villa Recap: Shots FiredTelly needs to accept that Eric is her boss, no matter how dumb he may be.
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    Saturday Night Live Recap: Kristen Wiig Brings Her FriendsKristen Wiig leads an all-star cast to this season’s best episode.
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    Sugar Recap: Missing GirlSugar is more sure than ever that Olivia’s life is in danger.
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    Sugar Series-Premiere Recap: Find the MissingColin Farrell stars as John Sugar, a film addict and private investigator with a heart of gold, in Apple TV’s latest neo-noir.
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