dinner party

One Simple Trick Can Fix House of the Dragon’s Lighting Problem

And any other shows that look like they were shot during an eclipse.

The Rich, Theatrical, Very Not Normal Charm of Los Espookys

Amber Ruffin unloads her love for Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, and Fred Armisen’s HBO comedy series.
music notes

A Tour of the Tolkien Lore in the Rings of Power Score

Courtesy of series composer Bear McCreary.
  1. trailer mix
    RHOBH Reunion Trailer: It’s Kathy Hilton vs. Lisa Rinna“You are the biggest bully in Hollywood, and everyone knows it.”
  2. jinkies
    Mindy Kaling and Constance Wu Are Solving the Mystery of VelmaThe first teaser for HBO Max’s Scooby-Doo spinoff dropped at New York Comic Con 2022.
  3. chat room
    John Macmillan Shot Laenor’s House of the Dragon Escape on His First Day on Set“It was a really stormy day, and we were out in the ocean in this massive hundred-year-old boat.”
  4. overnights
    She-Hulk: Attorney at Law Recap: Murdock & WaltersCharlie Cox’s Daredevil returns to the MCU — and begins flirting immediately.
  5. vulture guides
    A Grey’s Anatomy Catch-Up Guide, No Matter How Far Behind You AreEverything you need to know before jumping back in.
  6. buffering
    It’s Time to Start Worrying About PeacockCan the streaming service come back from the dead?
  7. abel’s angels
    The Idol Teaser Is Full of Sex, Drugs, and Pop MusicOh, and a cult led by the Weeknd.
  8. overnights
    Survivor Recap: Stop Playing ScaredWhile tensions are rising on Vesi and Baka, Coco is just chilling — until Karla goes exploring.
  9. had to get away
    The White Lotus Season Two Booked Its Italian Vacation for October 30The trailer features cheating, drugs, more cheating, and the delightful Meghann Fahy.
  10. overnights
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Corny LegendsEven Janine, who was once in a Degrassi reenactment group, can see that the Story Samurais are peak corny.
  11. coming soon
    AHS: NYC? I’m OMWThe new teaser is low on plot but heavy on leather.
  12. last night on late night
    Betty Boop’s Booking Fee Was Too High for Los EspookysIt’s okay — we hear she’s a diva on set anyway.
  13. overnights
    The Good Fight Recap: Fili-busted!“Ginni Thomas” guest stars in this ambitious but unsuccessful episode.
  14. overnights
    Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season-Finale: The Ghost of Kathy’s FutureIt’s so hard to leave a season like this — in the middle of everything.
  15. overnights
    The Kardashians Recap: High FashionWhile Kim tries on all the Prada, Kris tries out all the gummies.
  16. last night on late night
    Trevor Noah Is Mad About How Dark That House of the Dragon Episode Was TooWhile he still has a platform, Noah is going to be fighting for what really matters.
  17. overnights
    The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Recap: Arizona TeaThe ladies’ first healing session comes not a moment too soon.
  18. allegations
    Scrubs Writer Eric Weinberg Charged With 18 Counts of Sexual AssaultEric Weinberg allegedly preyed on women under the guise of doing photo shoots.
  19. dinner party
    One Simple Trick Can Fix House of the Dragon’s Lighting ProblemAnd any other shows that look like they were shot during an eclipse.
  20. overnights
    Bachelor in Paradise: The Beach That Makes You ChaoticThere’s simply too much happening and everyone is crying.
  21. mustache
    Bob Weir Might Be the Best WWHL Guest Ever?Telling wild stories about the Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and a ghost.
  22. now streaming
    A Spooky Guide to the Best New Horror to Stream This OctoberIf you dare.
  23. overnights
    Andor Recap: Waiting Is the Hardest Part“The day before is always hard. Too much time to worry.”
  24. babe wake up it’s 2012 again
    Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin Teaser Attempts to Revive the Acapella AppWe should have seen this a cappella mash up of “99 Luftballoons”’ and “Take On Me” coming.
  25. underrated
    The Rich, Theatrical, Very Not Normal Charm of Los EspookysAmber Ruffin unloads her love for Julio Torres, Ana Fabrega, and Fred Armisen’s HBO comedy series.
  26. overnights
    The Handmaid’s Tale Recap: Let’s Stay TogetherA near-perfect episode allows June and Serena to live out their respective fairytales before puncturing them in brutal fashion.
  27. departures
    Trevor Noah Is Leaving The Daily Show After Seven Years“Honestly, I’ve loved hosting the show. It’s been one of my greatest challenges. It’s been one of my greatest joys.”
  28. into the ramy-verse
    Ramy Regrets Ramy-ifying His Character’s NameA Ramy by any other name would be just as funny.
  29. overnights
    Monarch Recap: A Boy and His BullLuke wanted to impress his father by being good at bull-riding, but everyone involved is better suited to be a rodeo clown.
  30. crane family reunion
    He’s Still Listening: Frasier Is Getting a Paramount+ RevivalThe multi-cam spinoff has been officially ordered to series.
  31. sister sister
    Dune: The Sisterhood Casts Its Founding MothersThe HBO shows tracks the spicy beginnings of the Bene Gesserit.
  32. music notes
    A Tour of the Tolkien Lore in the Rings of Power ScoreCourtesy of series composer Bear McCreary.
  33. comedy review
    Welcome to Hasan Minhaj’s Inspirational School AssemblyIn The King’s Jester, the comedian’s boldness gets packaged into a too-slick presentation.
  34. overnights
    Ramy Season-Finale Recap: It’s MaktoubWho among us hasn’t eaten a pork hot dog by mistake?
  35. yikes
    George R.R. Martin’s Co-authors Are Not Fit to PostRise of the Dragon co-author Linda Antonsson has repeatedly critiqued the casting of people of color on Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon.
  36. overnights
    Ramy Recap: Dogs Are HaramThe men are going through it in this episode.
  37. overnights
    Bachelor in Paradise Recap: The Worst BirthdayThese are way too many feelings to be having this early in the season, Genevieve.
  38. overnights
    90 Day: The Single Life Recap: Debbie Puts It All Out TherePlease, anyone who needs dating advice: Do not attempt anything Debbie does in this episode.
  39. overnights
    The Patient Recap: In TreatmentWith Alan going through his own stuff, he doesn’t really have much left to give his patient. And Sam is pissed.
  40. grave of the fireflies
    Netflix Gives Firefly Lane a Big Good-byeThe show will end with a supersized second season that drops in two parts.
  41. overnights
    Kevin Can F**k Himself Recap: I’m Not Following YouAllison needs to decide if she can leave Worcester — and Patty — behind.
  42. overnights
    Below Deck Mediterranean Recap: Jason Heads to ShoreIt’s too bad we didn’t get to see this side of Jason until he’s on his way out.
  43. overnights
    Ramy Recap: Ramy Is the DevilThe Quran is the original blockchain.
  44. overnights
    Ramy Recap: A Poop Transplant for AhmedDoes Amhed need a second wife, or does he just need a poo-poo switcheroo?
  45. fire and blood
    Who’s Who in Westeros: A House of the Dragon Character GuideKeeping up with the Targaryens after episode seven.
  46. overnights
    Ramy Recap: The Real Housewife of New JerseyDena’s seeing a therapist, which is great … in theory.
  47. fire and blood
    House of the Dragon’s Big Twist: A Happy Ending“Driftmark” subverts book canon for a character send-off that might just be the last nice thing that happens in this series.
  48. terrible tweens
    Big Mouth Releases Big Trailer Ahead of Big PremiereSeason six features Amber Ruffin, Jeff Goldblum, and Adam Levine (probably not teaching tweens how to slide into the DMs).
  49. fire and blood
    Why Did This Week’s House of the Dragon Look So Bad?Possible explanations, not excuses, for why you couldn’t see anything.
  50. fire and blood
    Westeros Weddings Ranked by How Much Fun a Guest Would HaveSome of these unions are just not worth the RSVP.
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