There was never a dawn in America without the Duttons.

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  1. Episode 8 Nothing Left to Lose
    1923 Season-Finale Recap: Die Another Day This unexpected finale might just be the kick in the pants this unhurried story needs.
  2. Episode 7 The Rule of Five Hundred
    1923 Recap: Dramatic Little Things Taylor Sheridan’s anti-progress, anti-city shtick gets kicked up a notch.
  3. Episode 6 One Ocean Closer to Destiny
    1923 Recap: What’s in a Name? This season is starting to feel like a slow-burning prequel to the era-defining range war we were promised.
  4. Episode 5 Ghost of Zebrina
    1923 Recap: The Tedium of ‘the Tedium of Healing’ After a mid-season hiatus, it’s a bit lackluster to return to see the Duttons’ reinforcements heading to Yellowstone at a snail’s pace.
  5. Episode 4 War and the Turquoise Side
    1923 Recap: No Room for Miracles War is on the horizon as the Duttons wait for the prodigal son to return.
  6. Episode 3 The War Has Come Home
    1923 Recap: Everybody Gets Some An episode dedicated to love but with an ugly bloodbath thrown in for good measure.
  7. Episode 2 God’s Empty Throne
    1923 Recap: A Dutton in Sheep’s Clothing This week’s Christmas episode continues building 1923’s world and characters.
  8. Episode 1 1923
    1923 Series-Premiere Recap: At Close Range Taylor Sheridan’s latest Yellowstone spinoff establishes there was never a dawn in America without the Duttons.

The Latest on 1923

  1. tv
    In Taylor Sheridan’s America, the Cowboy Is Colonized TooYellowstone is known for being a red-state show. But its political ideology is lifted from the left.
  2. giddy-up
    All Them Newfangled Ways to Watch Yellowstone Are a MessLet’s wrangle in season five.
  3. drama mama
    What’s the Goss About Cost(ner)?Out with the old Yellowstone, and in with the new.
  4. into the sunset
    Yellowstone Is Dead, Long Live a New Yellowstone SequelParamount has announced the end of its biggest show, but definitely not the end of the Sheridan-verse.
  5. life imitates art
    What Happened at the Yellowstone PaleyFest Panel?The Duttons didn’t make it from the ranch to the Dolby.
  6. buffering
    The (Other) Man Behind the Yellowstone KingdomHow Paramount’s Chris McCarthy turned a cable hit into streaming’s biggest franchise.
  7. chat room
    1923’s Brandon Sklenar Doesn’t See How Things Could Get Worse for Spencer Dutton“I’m thinking, Well, how can it be more difficult than this? It just got the most difficult. He’s lost everything at this point — everything.”
  8. chat room
    1923’s Aminah Nieves Found Healing Playing Teonna“Telling truthful stories gives my ancestors a chance to say what they couldn’t have said before.”
  9. the law
    Yellowstone Star Q’orianka Kilcher Cleared of Fraud ChargesThe now-dismissed case was tied to allegations that she had illegally collected $96,838 in workers’ compensation benefits.
  10. not-so-happy trails
    Kevin Costner Is Quiet Quitting Yellowstone and Taking the Show Down With HimWhen Kevin Costner closes a door, Matthew McConaughey opens a window.
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