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With a network sitcom like this one, bound to the time limits and structures of the genre, it can sometimes take a while to establish an identity and find a comfort zone with its characters. Parks and Recreation, a show whose sensibility overlaps somewhat with Abbott Elementary’s, didn’t settle into either until its second season. (Some might even say third.) But Abbott Elementary knows what it’s doing and who its personalities are almost right out of the gate. — Jen Chaney

Read Vulture’s review of Abbott Elementary and Ashley Ray Harris’s interview with creator and star Quinta Brunson.

  1. Episode 22 Franklin Institute
    Abbott Elementary Season-Finale Recap: Selfish Era Janine and Gregory’s romance gets “To Be Continued” until next season.
  2. Episode 21 Mom
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Maternal Instinct “Step one: Have a daughter. Step two: Play the long game.”
  3. Episode 20 Educator of the Year
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Good Teacher, Bad Teacher Greg and Janine grapple with how they’re perceived as teachers.
  4. Episode 19 Festival
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Operation Save the School After AVA Fest, Ava deserves to be in the Mount Rushmore of enigmatic TV bosses.
  5. Episode 18 Teacher Appreciation
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Sister, Sister Nothing gets siblings to relive childhood trauma quite like board-game night.
  6. Episode 17 Mural Arts
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Sock It to Me Janine may be a dork, but she’s messy as hell.
  7. Episode 16 Teacher’s Conference
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Janine and Gregory Sitting in a Tree The Abbott teachers go full Real Housewives on their conference trip.
  8. Episode 15 Fire
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Barbara Didn’t Start the Fire Even without the usual dose of Janine, Abbott delivers another great episode. This cast is so unbelievably stacked.
  9. Episode 14 Valentine’s Day
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Love Language Gregory and Janine’s romance has become unavoidable.
  10. Episode 13 Fundraiser
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Hustle Culture Ava teaches the students how to scam their way through fundraising.
  11. Episode 12 Fight
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Zara vs. Joya vs. Janine When two students officially declare their beef, Janine does everything in her power to create harmony.
  12. Episode 11 Read-A-Thon
    Abbott Elementary Recap: This Abbott Life Everybody really does have their own podcast.
  13. Episode 10 Holiday Hookah
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Slow Burn Things look cozier than ever between Janine and Gregory.
  14. Episode 9 Sick Day
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Class With Ms. Coleman It doesn’t get much better than an Ava-centric episode.
  15. Episode 8 Egg Drop
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Toxic Positivity Janine breaks eggs and, unfortunately, her students’ hearts.
  16. Episode 7 Attack Ad
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Legendary Schooling #tariqhive, rise up! (But also stay away from Janine!)
  17. Episode 6 Candy Zombies
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Baby Thanos and the Infinity Ring Pops Can Earth’s mightiest heroes (teachers) stop a legion of sugar-crazed kids?
  18. Episode 5 Juice
    Abbott Elementary Recap: If It Ain’t Broke … A new juice in the cafeteria has Barbara pissed.
  19. Episode 4 The Principal’s Office
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Tough Love Greg gets sent to the principal’s office. (Ooooo!)
  20. Episode 3 Story Samurai
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Corny Legends Even Janine, who was once in a Degrassi reenactment group, can see that the Story Samurais are peak corny.
  21. Episode 2 Wrong Delivery
    Abbott Elementary Recap: Shark Diving Gregory learns a few hard lessons.
  22. Episode 1 Development Day
    Abbott Elementary Season-Premiere Recap: New Year, New Part It’s back-to-school time for our favorite teachers (and also for Gritty).

The Latest on Abbott Elementary

  1. joy
    Dimple Queens Jennifer Garner and Sheryl Lee Ralph Remember Hollywood BeginningsTwo delightful women having a delightful conversation.
  2. will they or won’t they?
    Abbott Elementary Knows Exactly What It’s DoingThis is a practical, thoughtful move for two practical, thoughtful characters. It’s also incredibly romantic.
  3. underrated
    South Side Wasn’t Trying to Prove Its Own ImportanceAbbott Elementary writer-producer Brittani Nichols says the series spoke to her “in a way that no other television show ever has.”
  4. monologues
    Quinta Brunson Teaches Some Lessons About Abbott Elementary on SNLHer show is kinda like Friends, but “instead of not having Black people, it does!”
  5. that’s mother
    Oh, So Taraji P. Henson Is the One Who Gave Janine All Those Mommy IssuesShe’ll star as Quinta Brunson’s on-screen mom in Abbott Elementary.
  6. red carpets
    Chessy Brought Meredith Blake to the SAG AwardsA Parent Trap reunion at the 2023 SAG Awards
  7. some good news
    Abbott Elementary Will Remain in SessionFor a third season.
  8. golden globes 2023
    Who’s Going to Win at the Comeback Golden Globes?This newly reformed awards show feels harder to predict than ever — not just who’s going to win but who’s going to show up.
  9. awards season
    Everything Everywhere Leads Film Nominees for the 2023 Critics’ Choice AwardsThe Fabelmans, Babylon, and The Banshees of Inisherin follow close behind in the film categories.
  10. character study
    How Ava Coleman Became Abbott Elementary’s Engineer of ChaosScammer, step instructor, sorority girl: Janelle James made the role of a “precocious child trying to do the job of a principal” her own.
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