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Ahsoka Tano has had one of the biggest character arcs in all of Star Wars, both in-universe and out of it. First introduced in The Clone Wars movie, the previously unnamed Padawan of Anakin has become not only one of the most complex and essential characters in the franchise but one of the most beloved, to the point where she not only survived Order 66, but became an important part of Rebels and even had a voice appearance in The Rise of Skywalker prior to a live-action debut in season two of The Mandalorian. Now she’s the first animated Star Wars character to lead their own live-action show, with Rosario Dawson stepping into the title role, and Dave Filoni, who co-created the character with George Lucas, at the helm to navigate 15 years’ worth of backstory and character development.

  1. Episode 6 Far, Far Away
    Ahsoka Recap: Heir to the Empire Finally, Mitth’raw’nuruodo, better known as Grand Admiral Thrawn, makes his live-action debut.
  2. Episode 5 Part Five: Shadow Warrior
    Ahsoka Recap: We Are What They Grow Beyond The best episode of the show so far finally turns subtext into text.
  3. Episode 4 Fallen Jedi
    Ahsoka Recap: Duel of the Fates The return of Hayden Christensen’s Anakin Skywalker makes for a cool and emotional moment.
  4. Episode 3 Time to Fly
    Ahsoka Recap: Don’t Get Cocky The plot doesn’t advance much, but at least we get arguably the most exhilarating Star Wars dogfight since Rogue One.
  5. Episode 2 Toil and Trouble
    Ahsoka Recap: So Few Jedi Left This feels like the first time live-action Star Wars TV is trying to just … be Star Wars.
  6. Episode 1 Master and Apprentice
    Ahsoka Series-Premiere Recap: Revenge of the Sith The beloved former Jedi knight makes the hyperspace jump from animated character to live-action headliner.

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