All Creatures Great and Small

The most charming show... ever?

Photo: PBS

This beloved PBS series, an adaptation of the 1970s book series by Alf Wight (writing under the pen name of James Herriot), follows three veterinarians working in the Yorkshire Dales shortly before the outbreak of World War II. It is arguably the most charming and cozy bit of escapism on TV.

The series stars Nicholas Ralph as James Herriot, Samuel West as Siegfried Farnon, and Callum Woodhouse as Tristan Farnon — who together comprise the three vets at the center of the narrative. Rachel Shenton and Anna Madeley also star, with Patricia Hodge, Matthew Lewis, Will Thorp, Maimie MCoy, and the late Diana Rigg in recurring roles.

  1. Episode 7 The Night Before Christmas
    All Creatures Great and Small Finale Recap: Farewell to Our Yorkshire Friends The first season’s Christmas-set closer errs in keeping our core characters apart, but makes up for it in holiday decorations and a donkey named Bob.
  2. Episode 6 A Cure For All Ills
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: 50,000 Candles in the Wind This episode is 98 percent tragedy for James.
  3. Episode 5 All’s Fair
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: Panic at the Pony Show In the sage words of Siegfried, “the labors of Hercules pale in comparison to being a vet at the Darrowby Show.”
  4. Episode 4 A Tricki Case
  5. Episode 3 Andante
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: Requiem for a Horse This whole episode is really about Siegfried and his moral compass, which is the Greenwich Mean Time of moral compasses.
  6. Episode 2 Another Farnon?
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: The Prodigal Brother Returns Tristan the Slightly Rakish has come to Darrowby.
  7. Episode 1 You’ve Got to Dream
    All Creatures Great and Small Premiere Recap: Hygge in the Hills The balm of 2021 delivers unto us low-stakes drama, likable characters, and extremely good cow content.
  1. Episode 7 The Perfect Christmas
    All Creatures Great and Small Season-Finale Recap: Well, What Do We Do Now? The cozy, insular world of All Creatures caps off a delightful season with an extremely heartwarming Christmas episode.
  2. Episode 6 Home Truths
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: A Pretty Decent Proposal Yes, there’s the whole thing with the dog, but the finale is otherwise a delightful ending to the season.
  3. Episode 5 The Last Man In
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: The Big Cricket Match Siegfried and Tristan finally have a real chat. Cricket brings people together!
  4. Episode 4 Many Happy Returns
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: The Birthday Dinner Tristan finally learns the truth from Siegfried and All Creatures’ version of the Red Wedding.
  5. Episode 3 We Can But Hope
  6. Episode 2 Semper Progrediens
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: The Daffodil Ball A magnificent cow and a cantankerous pig!
  7. Episode 1 Where the Heart Is
  1. Episode 7 Merry Bloody Christmas
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: Choices Are Made This Christmas episode is about Siegfried convincing himself it’s okay to injure a horse and Mrs. Hall deciding she’s into Gerald. Why?
  2. Episode 6 For Whom the Bell Tolls
    All Creatures Great and Small Season-Finale Recap: A Declaration of War The looming specter of war finally stops looming and just full-on arrives at England’s doorstep.
  3. Episode 5 Edward
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: Take the Biscuits, Edward Mrs. Hall and Tristan deserve better than this, but at least no cows died in this episode … that we know of.
  4. Episode 4 What a Balls Up!
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: Follow That Cow! Who would’ve thought the Ministry of Agriculture could be so terrifying?
  5. Episode 3 Surviving Siegfried
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: Siegfried Goes Full Horse Girl Our normally calm and gentle show has a whole bunch of war flashbacks and horse murder this week.
  6. Episode 2 Honeymoon’s Over
    All Creatures Great and Small Recap: Cows in Peril This week is all about adjustment — and also saving baby cows.
  7. Episode 1 Second Time Lucky
    All Creatures Great and Small Season-Premiere Recap: Cozy Escapist Show Returns What could possible stand between James and his wedding? What about 77 cows that may or may not have tuberculosis?

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