American Gods

  1. Episode 8 Come To Jesus
    American Gods Season Finale Recap: Don’t Cross Easter Kristin Chenoweth brings a bubbly brightness to American Gods.
  2. Episode 7 Prayer For Mad Sweeney
    American Gods Recap: Semi-Charmed Life “Prayer For Mad Sweeney” reveals a lighter, softer side of American Gods.
  3. Episode 6 A Murder of Gods
    American Gods Recap: Burn, Baby, Burn “A Murder of Gods” doesn’t shy away from scathing political commentary.
  4. Episode 5 Lemon Scented You
    American Gods Recap: A Whole New World “Lemon Scented You” ups the tension between Old and New Gods.
  5. Episode 4 Git Gone
    American Gods Recap: Death Becomes Her “Git Gone” is a very big risk that pays off.
  6. Episode 3 Head Full of Snow
    American Gods Recap: Snow Day Shadow Moon doesn’t believe in anything anymore.
  7. Episode 2 The Secret of Spoons
    American Gods Recap: The Slaughterhouse Everyone seems to know that Mr. Wednesday is bad news, but they still can’t resist him.
  8. Episode 1 The Bone Orchard
    American Gods Series-Premiere Recap: Where Is Your God Now? “The Bone Orchard” is an ambitious, messy introduction.
  1. Episode 4 The Greatest Story Ever Told
    American Gods Recap: God Money Another lackluster episode dwells on how the Gods no one thought could ever change have done so in the new millennium.
  2. Episode 3 Muninn
    American Gods Recap: Ticket to Ride A classical “divide the characters” episode plays in a multitude of subplots, and introduces us to New Media.
  3. Episode 2 The Beguiling Man
    American Gods Recap: A Curious Spirit An uninspiring episode doesn’t allay fears about the direction this season is going, but at least it contains some great performances.
  4. Episode 1 House on the Rock
    American Gods Season Premiere Recap: Gods and Monsters The series returns after a troubled production with a depressingly hollow episode that substitutes exposition for heart.

The Latest American Gods News

  1. cancellations
    American Gods Is Dead After Third Season on Starz But could be resurrected as a TV movie.
  2. abuse
    Marilyn Manson Dropped From American Gods Amid Abuse Allegations And talent agency CAA confirmed they will no longer represent him.
  3. the industry
    Orlando Jones Says New ‘White Man’ Showrunner Fired Him From American Gods The show’s production company is insisting he was dropped to “reflect the complex mythology of the source material.”
  4. casting
    Ramsay Bolton From Game of Thrones Is Now a Cheery Leprechaun on American Gods He’s back and he’s nice now!
  5. season renewals
    Starz Orders a Third Season of American Gods The series will get yet another new showrunner.
  6. tv review
    Good Lord, What Happened to American Gods? With so much behind-the-scenes drama, it’s a minor miracle that season two is watchable at all. But watchable is a far cry from thrilling.
  7. american gods
    American Gods’ Long, Strange Trip to Season Two A lot has changed behind the camera since Starz last aired American Gods. So where does that leave the show going into season two?
  8. trailer mix
    American Gods Season 2 Trailer: Time to Ride Ian McShane’s Magical Carousel All aboard, on March 10.
  9. premiere dates
    American Gods Season Two Will Resurrect in March We have the exclusive details.
  10. trailer mix
    Here’s Every Trailer Released at New York Comic-Con Gotta watch ‘em all.