American Ninja Warrior

  1. Episode 9 Oklahoma City Finals
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: The Circle of Life Grip strength is always the problem, isn’t it?
  2. Episode 8 Indianapolis Finals
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: The Dog Days The great thing about American Ninja Warrior? There are so many ways to fail.
  3. Episode 7 Atlanta Finals
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: Maximum Efficiency It’s down to the crème de la ninja crème.
  4. Episode 6 Los Angeles Finals
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: Falling Down Is the Wedge possible? Something for us all to ponder.
  5. Episode 5 Philadelphia Qualifier
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: The Wheel of Pain Welcome to Philadelphia, the final stop on this tour of our ninja nation.
  6. Episode 4 Oklahoma City Qualifier
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: The Breakup If you want to be a Ninja Warrior, you mustn’t forget your whimsical harem pants.
  7. Episode 3 Indianapolis Qualifier
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: Midwestward, Ho! It’s a rough night for race-car drivers in Indianapolis.
  8. Episode 2 Atlanta Qualifier
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: The Pipefitter of Death In Atlanta, the buzzer of triumph doth buzz.
  9. Episode 1 Los Angeles Qualifier
    American Ninja Warrior Season Premiere Recap: Meet the Ninjas Haven’t these people ever heard of jogging?

The Latest TV News

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    I Worried The Good Fight’s New Season Would Feel Out of Touch. I Was Wrong. How does a show so uncannily attuned to our current moment function with a massive chasm between it and our new reality? As it turns out, very well.
  2. snl
    SNL to Return This Weekend With Remotely Produced Episode Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night Zoom!
  3. two friends
    Lauren Ash and Stephanie Beatriz Want a Brooklyn Nine-Nine–Superstore Crossover The genius idea was born during our Instagram series Two Friends.
  4. oh joy
    Joy Behar Isn’t Leaving The View After All, for Breitbart’s Sake The rumors of her retirement have been greatly exaggerated.
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    WrestleMania Broke Me Dispatches from two full nights of WrestleContent.
  6. last night on late night
    Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell Star in World’s First Socially-Distanced Soap Opera Fallon shared a clip from the new show, The Longest Days of Our Lives.
  7. the jokes must go on
    Bernie Sanders Avoids Endorsing Joe Biden on The Late Show “Well, that, we’re gonna be talking to Joe.”
  8. the jokes must go on
    At Home (Where Else?) With Jimmy Fallon The late-night host makes a quarantine comeback, with an assist from his wife and kids.
  9. tributes
    Watch Dolly Parton Sing a Tribute to ‘Sweet Music Man’ Kenny Rogers on CMT “But nobody sings a love song quite like you.”
  10. a modern farewell
    How Do Our Modern Family Families Leave Us? Farewell, Pritchetts and Dunphys and Delgados.