American Ninja Warrior

  1. Episode 9 Oklahoma City Finals
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: The Circle of Life Grip strength is always the problem, isn’t it?
  2. Episode 8 Indianapolis Finals
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: The Dog Days The great thing about American Ninja Warrior? There are so many ways to fail.
  3. Episode 7 Atlanta Finals
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: Maximum Efficiency It’s down to the crème de la ninja crème.
  4. Episode 6 Los Angeles Finals
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: Falling Down Is the Wedge possible? Something for us all to ponder.
  5. Episode 5 Philadelphia Qualifier
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: The Wheel of Pain Welcome to Philadelphia, the final stop on this tour of our ninja nation.
  6. Episode 4 Oklahoma City Qualifier
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: The Breakup If you want to be a Ninja Warrior, you mustn’t forget your whimsical harem pants.
  7. Episode 3 Indianapolis Qualifier
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: Midwestward, Ho! It’s a rough night for race-car drivers in Indianapolis.
  8. Episode 2 Atlanta Qualifier
    American Ninja Warrior Recap: The Pipefitter of Death In Atlanta, the buzzer of triumph doth buzz.
  9. Episode 1 Los Angeles Qualifier
    American Ninja Warrior Season Premiere Recap: Meet the Ninjas Haven’t these people ever heard of jogging?

The Latest TV News

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    Gird Your Bloomers: John Mulaney Is Playing Henry David Thoreau Apple’s Dickinson gets wilder by the second.
  2. roll clip!
    James Corden Shames Bill Maher for His ‘Insulting’ Fat-Shaming Remarks “We’re not all as lucky as Bill Maher. We don’t all have a sense of superiority that burns 35,000 calories a day.”
  3. true love
    Zooey Deschanel Is Reportedly Dating One of the Property Brothers If you still can’t distinguish between them after this, that’s on you.
  4. unagi can't turn back time
    Friends’ Showrunners Regret Two Plots, Which, As Ross Knows, Is Better Than 3 “There are moments in it that I’m just going, Oh my god, we let that happen? We did it?
  5. moo points
    Just Shut Up About a Friends Reboot, It’s Never Going to Happen The showrunners have two reasons why.
  6. trailer mix
    Supernatural Final-Season Trailer: You, Me, and Every Soul in Hell Goodbyes are never easy, especially when they require you to fight John Wayne Gacy’s homicidal ghost. Again.
  7. trailer mix
    The Castle Rock Season Two Trailer Goes Heavy on the Misery Lizzy Caplan stars as Annie Wilkes.
  8. hair
    Stranger Things’ Joe Keery Got Bangs Everyone, shut up and look at Joe Keery’s bangs.
  9. dicksinson
    Wiz Khalifa Kindly Stopped to Play Death in Apple’s Horny Emily Dickinson Show Because I could not stop for Death – he kindly stopped for Apple TV+.
  10. stand-up
    Some Bangin’ News: Nikki Glaser’s Netflix Special Premieres Next Month She announced the news with some help from a pregnancy test.